The Police Live

I have tickets to see The Police in May. Has anyone heard anything about their new tour? I've never been a big fan of theirs but my wife is, however I'm certainly looking forward to seeing them.
Hit and miss. The earlier songs sound great--the more layered songs from the later albums sound thin and laboured as a trio. Rate them 6-8 on a scale of ten.
hit and miss?!?!?! what is this guy talking about? lol. The police was one of the most influential bands in late 70's early 80's. Very creative in all regards. Even their crappy songs were fun. Pick up a greatest hits album and check them out: Spirits in a material world, walking on the moon, roxanne, message in a bottle, every breath you take, the list goes on and on. I know this isn't avant garde, but when it comes to pop music, the police were kings.

they have a 4 disc boxed set 'message in the bottle: the complete recordings' that you can pick for about 20 bucks used. it has EVERYTHING! get it if you see it. worth every dollar!
rating 20 on a 10 scale, Even if you dislike pop music!
I think he was rating the tour performance, not the band. I assume this is just a continuation of their reunion tour - the people I know who saw them in St. Louis last year would agree that the show was hit and miss. I think even one of the band members suggested they sounded pretty bad. I would think that, by this point in the tour, they would have sharpened up quite a bit.
I saw them in New Orleans and the show was pretty darn good....... They are not ripping it up like the old days......... they admitted to doing the "nose candy" when they were on the road back then, I read that in Mojo........... I knew something was up because they would play the songs at a super fast tempo ( footage I've seen from old tours) and it was amazing, so much sound and energy from a three piece........ any way this time around, Sting played and sang beautifully and Andy was soloing a little too much for my taste, you could tell he was having fun though.......... and Stewart just doesn't have the energy he once had........ but what do you expect...... Any way hope you have fun, I did.
I suspect there is a new album in the making. That's what they hinted at during their first reunion tour last time. I was able to see them twice at Madison Square Garden, at the beginning and the end of their tour.

Both times tho, it was the Police and not Sting. Great show, I saw people from all walks - parents bringing their kids, multiple generations represented.

Their music is timeless really. If you know a few songs or know them all, good times were had by all.
The Message in a Bottle Box set is a must have for any Police fan. However, if you listen to the live tracks from the box set, you can hear that Police had some questionable live performances. Much of their studio work is incredible. And they remain one of my favorite bands ever. Some great groups have not gotten it done well in concert.
they sound just fine...if you're a fan even better.
I saw them in Sept (I think) in L.A. last year at Dodger Stadium. The sound was terrible. It was like listening
to an extremely loud AM clock radio. That was just embarrassing. When they hit their first note, I noticed a bunch of people looking at each other like "what the hell?"
It was that bad! My wife looked at me and said "you gotta be kidding me", thinking it was going to improve. It didn't. Really poor concert. And I've been to Dodger stadium for other concerts and those sounded fantastic, namely the stones. THe opening act, Foo Fighters, sounded
better. Really disappointing, and I am a fan.
what a waste of money.
Saw them at Jones Beach last night. The highlight was watching Stewart Copeland, playing the chimes and the drums on Wrapped Around your Finger. The sound was very crisp though I felt some of the pacing on a couple of songs was slowed down and dissappointing. Glad to have had a chance to see them.
Great thread. I would have loved to have gone to the Jones Beach show- Elvis and the Police- what a bill! But my ears (even with earplugs) can no longer take those loud shows. I saw Springsteen a few weeks back - way too loud - the bass was overwhelming - at least on the floor where I was sitting.

I'll have to stick to seeing small acts in small venues - the recent Rickie Lee Jones show I saw here in NY - I didn't even need earplugs - that is a true rarity (and of course the show was amazing)