Re. available Police reissues on vinyl

I'd greatly appreciate any feedback on the current Police vinyl reissues, either the 200 g Universal Japan selections, the 180 g A & M ones, or the Polydor Regatta offering. I've asked a couple of folks at the big vinyl retailers about them, and received insufficient or absent feedback, re. the pros and cons of particular albums on one label versus the other.

I love the band, but haven't heard any of these new re-releases. Please let me know what you think-

I have Regetta de Blanc and Outlandos d' Amour on 180 gram A&M. Absolutely LOVE the sound on these. Very quiet background, nicely mastered IMHO. I have reformed some Police haters with these! Have not heard the 200 gram Universal Japan selections to compare though.
Thanks, Srwooten for your response. I think I'm going to go w/ the A & M releases, partly based on your recommendation.