Anyone Catch Lyle Lovett in NYC

What were your opinions of the show.
I did not see it.
I have been wanting to comment about Lyle for sometime. A friend and I saw him last fall in Asheville, NC, and we both think it may be the best concert, music-wise, that we have ever seen. And we have seen some concerts in our day. The thing that I appreciate the most is that he showed up with a 22 piece band, and the resume of each member was amazing. Hiring the number of talented musicians that he does lets me know that it's about the music and not just the money. Think of how much more money he could make if he traveled with a 10 piece band. I will see him again and every chance I get. He is an ultimate professional. I don't know how he did in NYC, but I would bet he was great.
missed him and kd lang in michigan last week, i would have really wanted to see them