Bonnie Raitt / Lyle Lovett Tour

I caught the 2nd show of the Bonnie Raitt and Lyle Lovett tour last night and just wanted to say DONT MISS THIS SHOW!
Lyle and his Large Band sounded great in spite of the fact he is still on crutches. Bonnie was better than ever, her current band Smokes! Highlights for me included the hypnotic cover of David Grays' "Silver Lining", and a song I hoped she would do last night, John Prines' "Angel From Montgomery". Not going to bore you with details, but this might be Bonnie Raitt at her peak, and she has always been great. And when she sings with Lyle its icing.
Yes, I saw Bonnie in May at the Majestic in San Antonio and she was fantastic. She played all her best stuff. I've seen Lyle before live and know he gives a great performance as well. I can imagine that the two together is one not to miss! As much as I have spent in perfecting my Home Theater and hifi, live concerts (if you sit close enough) as still the best.
Thanks for your insight, I plan to attend the August show in Saratoga, NY. Looking forward to a great show. Lyle is awesome, and it will be the first time I see Bonnie Raitt live.

I heartily agree. Caught them at Ravinna (suburban Chicago). Lovett is off the crutches, but still had a cast. He had to sit in chair to perform. His set was kinda' short, but very effective. Bonnie's voice was showing signs of strain and the band was a little shakey on the first two songs, but everything worked itself out and they ended up putting on a great set. This was my first time for either artists and I would gladly do it again.
FLASHBACK: "Let's go grab some houmas and baba ganoush at the Welles, honey." "Anybody playing tonight?" "Oh, Bonnie's probably there again, so it'll be fun." "Yeah, but she's always a bit loud and scratchy. And you just like her bod!" "Aw, c'mon, maybe someone else will jump in, too, like
one of those blues players she hangs with. Plus we can go see Harder They Come for the sixteenth time at midnight next door if she gets repetitious or too drunk again." "Can't we ever do something NEW, Ern?"
Real conversation with FIRST wife in Cambridge apartment in the early 1970s.
"Wow, honey, Terence Blanchard's new CD has Diana, Nora, Dianna, and Jane all singing solos with his band! Wanna sit and listen on our Parsifal/Aleph/EMC-1 MKII system, and y'know, cuddle?" "Aw, I think there's a rerun of ER on."
Real conversation with second (current) wife last week.
Nuff said?!
Saw the show last night in Concord. It was fabulous. I really went to see Lyle and his large band, but I have to say that Bonnie was incredible. She is absolutely at the top of her game and loving life. I couldn't stop smiling. Her new band, as was said previously, is top notch. I wish that her recordings could convey that kind of energy...I'd listen to them a lot more. But, I guess that's why we go to concerts, huh? According to Bonnie, this was their 90th show of the tour. They showed no signs of fatigue and were definitely NOT going through the motions as is so often the case.

Initially, I balked at the relatively high ticket price of $55 ($72 with the "convenience fees"), but considering the caliber of musicians and the outstanding performance, it was well worth it. I still can't understand how Lyle is able to afford to tour with an 18 piece band.

There were also a couple of guest appearances, including Roy Rogers who was in town and played on a tune that he co-wrote with Bonnie.

If you're in California or Nevada, it's not too late to catch the show. Don't miss this one.
Dan - Many thanks for the great review. They are going to be playing a date here in Portland soon, so I'm going to get some tickets right NOW!!!
Bonnie's last live album "Road Tested" is every bit as good as her current tour and is availble in a couple of wonderful formats. It contains most of the songs you heard her do (except her newest album). You can have the it all with the DVD, DD sound and great video. The DTS 5.1 channel surround cd is truly excellent as well.