Bonnie Raitt and Lyle Lovett

Just saw these two on the "Crossroads" show on CMT. This was one of the best music based tv shows I have ever seen. I just had to tell somebody. If you get the chance, watch it.
I believe it. Two of my favorite artists. Pure, absolute talent.

A tour with these two would be astounding.
I saw them together two summers ago at Ravinia, they were great!!!
Bonnie and Lyle did tour together about 2 years ago. Saw them at the arena at Mohegan Sun Casino in CT. Lyle was still hobbling around from having a leg injury of some kind, bu they were as good as you might have expected.
I saw most of that. I was impressed by the music for sure, but there were a couple of other aspects that came through that made it all the more interesting. Their affection and respect for each other seemed so honest; and the level of musical collaboration reached deep into the songs. How refreshing. Most of the stuff on CMT, and other music TV channels, is just so artificial.

Swampwalker, Apparently Lyle is a real life cowboy hero. He was injured at his ranch when he rushed to save his uncle who had been attacked by an irate bull.
I havent watched it yet (I tivo,d it). But I did see him 2 weeks ago in concert. It was in a university arts center and he was a incedible entertainer. My wife who normally goes along for the night but doesnt usually get too caught up in the emotion of the event was all smiles over his show. I am always telling her what a talent he is and how powerful his voice well this live show made her a fan for life. I think she was happy she gave me those tickets for christmas, I know I was. It was billed as Lyle Lovett and his acoustic Trio--It was actually four guys and one was playing an electric guitar. His story telling between songs was worth the price of admission and he played long enough to play just about every song that I would want to hear ( and I have been a fan for 15 years). I would also like to note that I have never been to a show where instead of a drum solo we had a cello solo.
I saw them together at Great Woods in MA way back in '92. I was already a fan of both, but many/most of the others there had heard little of Lyle. He converted everyone into fans before the end of the show.
The two actually pair up very well, Bonnie, at least at that time was a "crossover" artist, and Lyle has always been all over the landscape musically. "Shes no lady, shes my wife".