Any experience with Signal Cable for REL sub?

Has anyone upgraded the stock REL Speakon cable with the Signal Cable 'upgrade'? If so, how did it work out?

I have upgraded with Audioquest panther. I was expecting an improcement but was shocked at the level of detail and dynamics. well worth the cost.
Yes, I have Signal Cable. Works fine. I can't tell how big an improvement it made as I purchased it for my Stadium 11 which didn't come with a cable. My Stadium 111 which I bought later came with a standard cable but I never had a listening panel to compare them. Trying to change the cable while running back and forth trying to listen did not seem likely to tell you much. I eventually replaced the stock cable on the 3 with one made by an individual that advertises on Audiogon. Happy with that one also. As I run both at once any comparisons involve rebalancing my system so I haven't done it but my impression is that either is a definite step up from the standard cable.
I get feedback on my Rel from the high level inputs when everything is off, I can just hear slight hum. I have mono block amps, and had some problems with the setup. Anyone else have those problems? Could another cable, the Signal or Audioquest make a difference??
I upgraded my REL Strata III cable to the Signal Cable and I'm satisfied with the improvement it provided. The bass tightened up and seems more defined. The cable is very well made with nice spades on the amp side that makes for an easier connection to my McIntosh MC275.
For years I have wondered how upgrading the stock Rel for my B3 to anything else would make much of a difference and just 3 weeks ago I got my answer. I bought a Nordost baseline sub cable with the neurtrik and spades for a high level input. All I can say is the amount of information I hear is tremendous. All low notes sound so much more natural. I think because of the speed silver brings, the time alignment together is so much better. I had no idea what I was missing (neither could my dealer).

Sorry I can't comment on Signal Cable but I would think any upgraded cable should be an improvement.
Where did you find the Neurtrik Nordost? I don't see that anywhere on the web.
I'm contributing to an old post, but I hope I can still help someone. I have the 13ft Signal Cable with speakon for my Rel T2. There is an obvious improvement compared to the stock cable. The bass is tighter and defined. I tried the comparison many times and the Signal Cable actually gives bass the authority it deserves. I was not a believer in cable improvement but after hearing the difference with Signal Cable, I was converted.
I made a REL cable with an angled Speakon...I use an angled IEC cable also as I like the REL backed into a corner.
Sorry just saw your post. Nordost will make the cable to rel spec for an additional $35. They will make the rel spec for the baseline or ic but not like a shiva or vishnu power cable (bummer).
Sorry just saw your post. Nordost will make the cable to rel spec for an additional $35. They will make the rel spec for the baseline or ic but not like a shiva or vishnu power cable (bummer). It is a special order.
If you can swing the scratch, I highly recommend the Synergistic Research Tesla REL SPEC Reference active high level cable. Nothing, and I mean nothing can beat this cable for a downright panoramic soundstage and deep, pitch articulate bass combined with what seems like another half octave of bass extension. It also makes the blend between the REL and your main speakers absolutely seemless.

As an aside, the power cord one uses on the REL's also makes a very profound difference and the SR Tesla T3 active power cable is a very good match which solidifies the attributes of the Tesla REL SPEC Reference high level cable or another high level cable one choses to implement.

Just get rid of the stock REL high level cable...