Amplification for Maggie MG 1.6Qr s

I would like to hear from the many Magnepan MG 1.6Qr owners
out there. What have you liked best in both/either integrated amps. or seperates?
Current, Current, Current. I don't own the MG1.6 but I have owned and own other models. Right now I am enjoying the sound with Classe's newest model. I would recommend the CA-200 or 201.
I own a pair of 1.5's and can highly recommend a Bryston 4B-ST which carries the best warranty (transferable) in the biz and can be found here priced anywhere from $1300 - $1600. There are many other good choices - Classe (as noted above), McCormack, Aragon 8000BB, Marsh and the larger Rotel amps but it has been my experience that Maggies do like getting clean and high powered current (also noted above) so look at a minimum of around 250 w/ch at 4 ohms. You might also try a search here as well as at the Planar section at AudioAsylum where this topic has been discussed frequently.
I bought a Mcintosh 6500 int. amp on Audiogon recently.It came at a good price and i figured i could sell it at a profit if i didn't like it.It puts out 200 watts into 4 ohms so I hooked it up to my new MG1.6s and was surprised how good it sounds.I've owned int. amps from Krell,ARC,CJ and Cary and i have to say i enjoy owning the Mac more than i did the others.Maybe it's the big blue meters.I'm keeping it and i bought a Mac 841 dvd/cd player to go with it.
I didn't have the 1.6Q's but did own the SMGa's once. As stated they need current. I had a rotel 990 and the aragon 4004 on them. The aragon sounded better. I did hear the marsh on a friends 1.6Q s and they really sung. The marsh is one hell of a amp.
...thanks for the replies! Anyone have any experience
using the 1.6 Qr's with Classe or Plinius integrateds?
I've owned two Plinius'. I never heard them with the 1.6s, but I think it would definately be worth a listen. The Plinius is an amazing integrated, in the right system. My guess is, matched with the Maggies, great mids, imaging and dissapearing speakers.
I used the Plinius 8150 w/the Maggies until I sold them (the speakers; still have the amp but am considering moving on there as well). It was a very, very good combination, not surprising given teh Plinius' 230W into 4 ohm capability. Hard to imagine a better match.

I agree with Ramstl. Current , current, and then a little more...current. Maggies, like all planar/magnetic panels (Apogees for example) crave it. I have found deeply biased into class A operation work great. Reference Line (yes, they still do exist, look in the manufacturers section), Threshold/Forte (especially a pair of 4a's), older Classe, Pass, Plinius and so forth. I especially like the Reference Line stuff and were designed specifically to drive 3-4 ohm loads. They are "cheap" on the used market...if you can find one.
I have a couple of friends who have the 1.6R's and are driving them with B&K M200 monoblocks, Krell KSA-80 and a Roger Mojeski RM-9 II.
Dear Whatjd,
Tube amplification seems to do wonders for the 1.6. The best amp overall I have used with them is the vt100m2. I found the pass labs and the mccormack dna-1 to a little less alive with them. The CJ-mv50 was wonderful too. If I had to buy something today, I think I would go for a modern day mv-55, cav-50 or maybe a premier 11a. A big reason for these smaller amps is that 1.6qr's tend to drive an amp pretty hard & I would guess tube replacement would take place often. I notice I have to turn the gain up around twice as high to get the same sound out of my 1.6's verses my ap virgo speakers when using the same amp. A vt100 is $300 to retube, and an mv50 is around 100. The mv-55 actually provided better bass than the vt100. The vt100 was superior in terms of imaging and transparancy.
I'm using a Odyssey Stratos amp with good results. It also has a 20 year warranty like the Brystons.
I read in TAS last year that the Goldmund amps were one of the best matches for the 1.6's. Might be worth checking out.