Merlin/Digital Amplification ?

Merlin users/owners.Has anyone tried using Dig Amps with any of the Merlin speakers.Jeff Rowland does come to mind.Even using Tube pre with Dig power amps or Dig pre with Tube OTL's ?
Are these viable options or just VST(Very Scary Thoughts)?
Any opinions will be appreciated.
Analogue Bull
I once tried a Spectron with my VSM's. I found the presentation quite compressed compared to the Berning zh270 I own, 500 watts vs 70. The owner of the Spectron and another listener came to the same conclusion, it wasn't a very good match but then again the Berning would probably embarass many amps in a side by sice comparison with this speaker.
Digital amps are tricky beasts!!! My feeling is that they work well with some speakers and bad with to why????? Who knows??????? I love my Spectron MII (which will soon be a MIII). I know a lot of people who favor more convential amps...and to be honest...I could definetly see how people with planar/ribbon speakers would (I could see the spectron sounding a little to thin perhaps on them). But, for my VR4 Gen III SE's, it just works (+ it comes with a number of leave it on all the time so it is always ready to go...and..I get hot easily so tube/class A amps are out of the question for me. It all comes down to personal opinion. I have yet to hear an amp that makes me want to sell my Spectron. But again, that all relates to my tastes. If I had to describe the Spectron MII, the things that come to mind are trnasperency and speed with a touch of warmth. Compare it to solid state, and it sometimes seems tube like, but compare it to tubes and it sounds solid state like. I like it..but you may not. Lets put it this way, I have a meitner front end and do not feel that the spectron limits it's performance in any way.
I have a Spectron MII and it works great with my Apogee Speakers. I too was looking for something with the power minus bulk and heat. It is fast and musical to boot.
To All
Conclusion:From the lack of feedback on this question I conclude that the answer is a solid NO !!
the amps in general sound very even and smooth but lifeless imho. they work very well with fuller sounding systems and this has been documented time and again.
fanatstic for many speakers but the critically damped merlin needs more of a neutral tone to thrive.