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Best settings using a Jolida JD 9 II phono with Ortofon Quintet Black cartridge
Thank you all for your input. 
Looking At CD Players
One that comes to mind is the Oppo/Modwright 105 player with outboard tube power supply. I have two of them and will be selling one of them. Probably one of the best sounding, not crazy expensive, cd/sacd players out there plus you can tube roll w... 
Arcam FMJ UDP411 control issues
hello,pm me as i  may have an sacd/cd player for sale that you may be interested in. 
75 ohm BNC terminated cables for word clock to cd player
Thanks for the input 
Usher DMD tweeter upgrade: worth it?
As a current and long time owner of Usher Mini-Dancer 2 DMD speakers I wanted to know if anyone has replaced the supplied footers with Isoacoustics Gaia footers and their carpet based spikes? Was it an improvement or not? 
Ahhh--Problem solved. Adding a REL sub-bass unit...
I can mention that I have had a pair of Rel Storms that I have integrated into my two channel audio  system with floor standing dynamic speakers and planars and can also interchange with some of my stand mount speakers. Very seamless integration, ... 
Kudos to Dan Wright of Modwright
I mirror what everyone has said above, had an issue with my Modwright/Oppo 105 which turned out to be a software upgrade and if it not for Kristin and Dan walking me through the steps and taking the time, I would still be struggling with the issue... 
REL subwoofer what Speakonl cable do you recommend
I have two sets of REL sub cables made from Monster Cable three wires per set into the Speakon at sub end and spades at amp end, very nice over the stock cables, have them up for sale.  Contact me. 
Curious what people think is the best "value" high end speaker (~5K to 15K)
what about usher mini diamond 2's, or other higher model ushers, maggie 3.7i's, spatial hologram's, eminent technology lft-8b two pair.  
How to connect a subwoofer into a mono block system
Having two rel subs and monoblock amps I just use the Speakon sub connector with the three wires hooked up to the amps speaker terminals and to chassis ground, run the main speakers full range and just use crossover in subs to adjust for main spea... 
Aries 1 JWM 10 Tonearm replacement or upgrades?
You can also order the VPI feet of the HRX version as I did with my Aries 1, very nice improvement. 
Eminent Technology LFT-8b's stacked arrangements
Two things, I am also interested in a double pair of the LFT-VIIIb's how would you hook them up to a stereo amp or monoblocks?I have the LFT-16's on 24 " stands what a very nice monitor speaker, anyone in the market for stand mounted speakers shou... 
Joseph Audio dealers
I second and third the vote for Goldprint Audio, Taylor is an excellent dealer/person. 
Usher Dancer mini 2 or Acoustic Zen Adagio or ?
I have listened to both and own the Usher DMD 2's and they are a superb speaker, the highs with the diamond type tweeter is great and you cannot beat the low level response and detail that you get with these speakers. A friend of mine has the Adag... 
Best SACD: Modwright OPPO vs Esoteric X03 series?
I have the Modwright/Oppo 105 unit and it is by far the best sounding digital that I have heard. I know the Esoteric stuff is built like a tank but not sure on its sound quality.I opted to change out the tubes in the Mdwright/Oppo to NOS RCA 6sn7'...