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Isoacoustics Gaia III for Focal Aria 936s my next tweak?
Just acquired a couple sets of the Gaia II's and carpet spikes for my speakers and they transformed them considerably, top is much more detailed, mids are more pronounced and sound more realistic and the bottom end tightened up quite a bit more. C... 
A solid tube photo stage around 1500
A friend of mine just got a Musical Paradise all tube phono stage built in China. He says that it is a great tube phono stage for the price and sounds real nice. Priced under $1,000 with shipping. 
Digital Cable... anyone compare Canare lv 77S to
I can mention that I have tried quite a few 75 ohm cables with BNC ends between my sacd/cd player and word clock like Audio Research, Audioquest, Wireworld and the 75 ohm cable that is made by Canare hold its own and is quite good for around $50.00.  
Speaker suggestions under 4k
Look up some Usher speakers, the older 6371, 6381 and 6391 were killer speakers and great bass, the newer Usher Mini Diamond 1 and 2 are more refined and sound great from top to bottom and won't break the bank 
Am I out of my mind? #obsessed
I also agree about the Griots Garage Best of Show Wax, I use it on my classic cars, and my audio equipment, turntables and speakers, and the finish is superb. 
VPI new turntable- Prime 21
OK Thanks for the clarification, very similar to the regular prime. 
Cybershaft 10Mhz master clocks, new products at various price points....
Interested in one of their clocks for my Esoteric UX-3Pi universal sacd/cd player, what would be a recommendation as I cannot understand all of their models and options?  
Seriously considering tube preamp…opinions?
Check out some of the used BAT preamps, great build quality, great sound and usually most models have balanced inputs and outputs, also remote control. 
New Santana Album "Africa Speaks"
I bought both lp and cd and in my opinion the music sucks and the recordings are not that greatSantana can do lot better check out Shape Shifter  
Phase Technology PC 60 ca v. Teatro 7.5 vdt, PC 80, or original PC 60
I have a pair of Phase Tech PC-80's in an oak finish, with original boxes, grills, etc. and in very good condition.Let me know if interested as I am selling them and they can be shipped.Very nice sounding speakers. 
Usher Audio Serial Numbers
I would suggest going on their website and writing to them in Taiwan, I did that for some question I had on mine and they responded in a few days. 
Where go in Tampa area to repair turntable?
Reach out to Sweet Home Audio in Clearwater area, Brian is the owner. I believe he may be able to repair as well is an excellent audio dealer. 
Recommendations for a good audiophile digital coax (BNC-BNC) 50 ohm cable?
I am also a firm believer in Wireworld wire, use their BNC terminated cable between my Esoteric player and word clock.You can also try cables from HAVE, Inc., they have standard ones as well will make up special cables for you with any ends that y... 
Best settings using a Jolida JD 9 II phono with Ortofon Quintet Black cartridge
Thank you all for your input. 
Looking At CD Players
One that comes to mind is the Oppo/Modwright 105 player with outboard tube power supply. I have two of them and will be selling one of them. Probably one of the best sounding, not crazy expensive, cd/sacd players out there plus you can tube roll w...