Amp/Preamp Synergy for 6K Used

Setting aside for the moment the question of speakers and front-end, if you were going to start a tube system with an eye toward synergy between amp and preamp (with remote) and had a budget of about $6K USED for these two pieces, where would your path lead you? Must have quality phono stage for a mostly vinyl playback system - NO HT.
Back to solid state? :)

Seriously, I'd look first at a Foundation Research V6 tubed preamp for about $4k new and then a solid state pair of mono Odyssey Stratos amps at $1k each. That's about as far as I'd go the tube route in that budget range.

Assuming, the synergy is there, it could be an excellent sound.

I'd go with a Supratek Syrah preamp and a Berning ZH270 amp. That gives you a super phono stage which can handle just about any low output MC cartridge, from .2mv and up, and beautiful 6SN7 based line stage. Couple that with the speed and transparency, and power of the Berning ZOTL circuit. A strong 70 watts, with no "tubey" bloat or rolloff. A full function, crystal clear, strong powered, full frequency extension system. Sorry, no remote. The Berning used might be had for $3500, and the Syrah has a waiting period and is $2500 new, with no used units around. That pushes the $6k to the limit. But it would be tough to beat. You don't really need that remote anyway, do you?
I have a VAC standard LE preamp running into Quicksilver V4 amps (120w)and they work very well together. You can find the VAC for ~$2k w/o phono and the Quicksilver V4's for ~$2.3k.
I think the phono section from VAC is an additional $500-$1k.
I picked up the Quicksilver V4's new for $3k. If your interested I can give you the dealer name.
VAC & Quicksilver are both build solid reliable equipment.
IMHO synergy between amp and your speakers of choice is more important. I would start with Speaker – Amp pair and then selected preamp and front end.
Generally speaking I would stay with products of the same manufacturer. I lived with BAT Vk-5i + Vk-60 + Vk-P5(phonostage) for a while. Works very well with moderate to high sensitivity speakers. Could be had for slightly over $5000. You will have some money left for tube upgrade, interconnects etc.
I had an Ayre V3 and K3 w/phono section and thought they were amazing together. They ran Vienna Acoustics Beethovens and I used a Linn LP-12 turntable. The Ayre's are available for good discounts used. I sold them and downsized to an ARC tube integrated w/small monitor speakers.
And I meant to add that the Ayres sounded very tube-like in my system.
If I had the dollars the CJ 12's and 16 preamp for sale right now on Audiogon would be GONE and in my room. I can't imagine bettering that combo without massive dollars.

Have fun
Thanks for the responses, so far. I don't seem to hear many recommendations for CJ products on this site. Why is that?
Rather than separates, consider going with the new BAT integrated. It has tubes, phono stage, remote and it fits within your budget (new w/ warranty). Assuming you like the BAT family sound, synergy clearly won't be a problem. It will also allow you to save on an interconnect.
$6K for an integrated? I've always heard of the compromises to expect with integrateds. How is this one different? I assume you refer to the VK-300x. Sounds good from the literature, but I am a bit skeptical about the modular desgin - adding super tubes, phono stage, remote, etc.
There's a front cover review in the latest TAS. I've never seen or heard the product and I'm only suggesting you consider it based upon BAT's overall reputation. It certainly does look good on paper. Obviously any integrated must represent some level of compromise when compared to separate components. However, if you're willing to accept less than an amplifier chain consisting of a separate phono stage w/ outboard PS to preamp w/ outboard PS to monoblock power amps, then at least in theory you're willing to accept the type of compromises inherent in an integrated amp. JRDG, Musical Fidelity, YBA and now BAT are redefining what is possible in a single chasis.