McCormack synergy

Looking for opinions/experience with McCormack equipment and interconnects.
NAD 545 CD
Vandersteen 1c

It's been years since I heard McCormack equipment, but back then I always thought that tara labs complimented the sound. But as said it has been years, check with they have a lending library.
I owned a DNA 0.5 for some time that had been modified by Steve to Rev A+ status. Had a TLC for awhile as well. With both pieces of gear I found a great synergy with cables from TG Audio. This was back when Bob Crump was at the helm of TG - but I've gotta say that the new owner (Frank Latimer) has taken Bob's designs to new levels (higher levels, that is) - sorry Bob (spinning in his grave I'm sure). The HSR interconnects are great - the high purity version actually are substantially better. WRT the power cables - SLVR is the way to go. Lesser verions are okay, but really the SLVR shines. Pick up a BybeeSucker as well if you ever see one for sale (collectors item - it's a line conditioner).

For whatever reason you can typically "steal" TG audio wires on this site lately - really - this is a great way to go with the McCormack gear.

Just my experience.