New SME SYNERGY Turntable!

One of the best things to come out of Munich 2018 so far.
It was a pretty interesting release in a show dominated by the digital. In the context of the system within it was playing, it performed really well. But the phono wasn’t the one supposed to run in production so I´d rather wait to listen to the finished product and til then avoid reaching any conclusion.
Internal wire is by crystal cable, has anybody rewire their tonearm with that cable?  
@cardani When it comes to tonearms, nothing will ever beat van den Hul. But SME and Crystal are now part of the same company and so it goes. 
SME and Crystal are now part of the same company and so it goes.
Dito for SME owning Loricraft and the Garrard name.
Seems SME is in a strategic buying mode.
Dear @invictus005: Why nothing but VDH for tonearm rewiring? which other wires did you use to compare against the VDHs and with which cartridges and tonearms?

Could you share your first hand experiences about?

Thank's in advance.


The ''crystal cables'' is established by the wife of the Siltech

owner. She obviously noticed what kind of money is involved

with cables and decided to try for her own but with the idea that

(sometime) ''less is better'' which explains the thickness difference

between both brands. I am not sure if she has ever heard about

the old Alchemist. !00 of those are ever appointed  by the German

Keizer with the task to turn German lead, with which Germany

was richly rewarded,  into gold because  the same mother nature

 totally  forget the ''gold standard'' .  The Keizer's  as well the

Alchemist  dream, alas, never realized. However the new Alchemist

deed succeed to turn , not lead, but well copper into gold. This

explains the price of some of those cables.

For me, the big news was the possible reissue  by SME of the Garrard 301 in 2019.
Would confirm why they just purchased Loricraft and the rights
to the Garrard name.