acrolink vs. esoteric/ acrolink

The esoteric acrolink is much more costly. What are the differences especially in sound
Good question, I also would like to know. I have not been able to find anything further on any of the audio forums.
It would be considerable info if the basic acrolink material was close to the esoteric mexel.
Acrolink and Esoteric Acrolink is the same brand.
The difference is that Esoteric is very well known to Germany and they decided when entering the German market to brand it as Esoteric cables.

Otherwise is the same.

Just check the series you need to learn more.
Why is the acrolink pc $450 and the esoteric over 2k if they are the same. Its seems like a no brainer if the copper is the same.
Quite simple : Esoteric buy from Acrolink, add a huge margin to the wires for their brand name and sell it to no brainer rich buyers...A perfect example of what Hifi business do worse...
I was informed by the local dealer that Esoteric / Acrolink is the brand name that is used in Japan for Acrolink's top of the range Mexcel series. The same cables are marketed outside of Japan solely under the Acrolink name.
Acrolink produce cable for Esoteric, which mean Acrolink is Esoteric's OEM,  And the material is came from Mitsubishi .


I have Mexcel PC: 9500, 7500 and 7300 and IC: 6300, 2090 Speciale and D5000. As you can see I am a big fan of Acrolink/ Esoteric 7 N cables. Very good build quality, very good connectors, older series were a bit more transparent but lean compared to the new one which is more saturated and warmer. hp printer in error state

RCA plugs for the 7N-DA6100II and 7N-A2500II utilize beryllium copper with fantastic conductive properties and mechanical quality for the inside connector pins. Those are given a mirror clean and completed in silver + rhodium plating. Fitting spreads utilize carbon texture + aluminum for the impacts in controlling vibration and decreasing commotion BigPond Phone Number.

They are the same. Many of the Esoteric models are sold outside Japan under the name of Acrolink.

I am very familiar with their cables, and personally own quite a number including the Mexcel PC-7500, 9500 and the new 9700 power cords.


I made my own power cords from Acrolink with top Furutech plugs....excellent performance.
Old thread but I just got a PC9700 which happens to be my first premium power cord. This cord truly changes everything. I’m not going to wax lyrical about this cable but rather share the same enthusiasm on the higher range of Mexcel cables which include the 9500, 9700 and recently introduced 9900 and 8100. I wonder what impact a second Mexcel would bring but will find out soon.