Acrolink Digital Cables : How is the sound ?

I am getting a used piece of Acrolink 7N DA5100 digital cable. I have no idea about the house sound of Acrolink, especially digital cables. I would like to know from you guys who have any experience with Acrolink cables and even better if it is a digital cable. I do not want to play totally blind as you would understand.

Thanks in advance.
Sorry, no experience with Acrolink digital cables although I have quite a bit of experience with their analog and power cables. Acrolink cables tend to have a house sound of very extended and airy high frequencies that are wet with a strong emphasis on acoustic space. They are generally very good cables but I would be a little more cautious if you think you system already has too much high frequency energy.
Thanks Eritech, if I say my system is very neutral and would not mask or add much, what would be your suggestion.
If I have to be specific, do you think the highs tipped up in these cables or are they simply very extended ?

There are cables which are very detailed, extended, clean and also musical and then there are cables which are present detail and extension at the cost of which category would you put the Acrolink cables in ?
It is interesting that even though the Acrolink cables are very well known and top tier, there is very little info and opinion on these cables :( ???
Your right Pani. It seems since acrolink does not advertise they are not recognized in the audiophile BS. Obviously they are not well known here but are big in asia where acrolink produces cables for ultra highend Teac [esoteric] at a ridiculous price.
I own an Acrolink 5050II digital cable. It's not a mexcel but it's a very good cable anyway. This Acrolink is quiet, open and clear (not bright).

I have the DA-5100 mexcel and it's a complete different world. Natural is what describe best the mexcel serie. It's huge in analog. Great in digital. I sell it only to buy the DA-6300II (probably the best interconnect in the world).

The DA-5100 is closer to the DA-6300 than the A-2500 (i own it too...) in terms of liquidity and naturalness. The A-2500 is faster and a little forward (but in an amazing way).

Hope it helps...