Acrolink Cables, anyone heard them?

I have an Esoteric SACD player and presently I am using an Acrolink power cord with it. I am interested in getting one of Acrolinks lower end   interconnects with RCA plugs to go from the Esoteric player to the preamp.

Has anyone heard them and if so, can you describe the sound? Interested in Acrolink only, no other brands.


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I have some pretty ancient 8N-A2080 interconnects in my principal system.  Sound better than anything else I've tried.  In the sense that there's really very little sound signature.  Smooth, and definitely not bright.
stereo5 I personally think you should check out blue genes cables or possibly Nordost? And beyond!
@stereo5 haha thanks I couldn't resist!
Good one @jond I predict many tangential responses. : )

Do consider Acrobat Cables. They literally fly through the air. Amazing stuff!!!

Vegas is a good place to demo them.
Blue genes? Is that how Smurfs pass on their coloration?
Ha I used blue genes because in the tangential thread stereo5 did, it looks suspiciously like an auto-correct or bad voice dictation to me. And @david_ten  yes those Acrobat cables are amazing, until one of them falls!
@jond  Don't they all...fall. : ) Cable Elevators and Cable Nets as a tangential cure? 
@stereo5  I'm also interested in the Acrolink cables, mainly because I don't know anything about them. Hope you get your question answered more directly.
@david_ten nah if they fall all you have to do is rub them with snake oil :p Speaking of tangents! 
Thanks guys.  All kidding aside, I would like someone who has heard them to chime in as to what type of sound one can expect.

@stereo5 - I've built a couple of power cords (using both the 7N P2030 and the 7N P2040III -with Oyaide connectors - and enjoy both. 

To make sure you are getting them from Japan (vs. Chinese copy), you can go to the  and do a search for Acrolink 7N.  They have most all of the levels of Acrolink products. Pretty good pricing as well.  I think ebay usually lists where the products come from too  (ie. Japan vs. Hong Kong). In response to your direct question, I don't have any experience with the Acrolink interconnects, but I'm sure they compete well at their price points as a result of their extreme purity and extrusion process.

I ordered the Acrolink 7N A2110 cables from The Cable Company at $400.00 a pair.  They don't stock any of the Acrolink cables so need to be ordered.  I placed 1 phone call and 2 email messages and got no response from the Cable Company.  Is this the new normal?
I have Acrolink/Esoteric power cables: (DIY:) 7N 4030's with Oyaide plugs, these took a while to burn in but very satisfying once they did

Acrolink 7N PC-6500, Acrolink/Esoteric 8N PC-8100 ( also PAD Dominus original and Rev. B )

Interconnects: Acrolink 8N-A2080III Evo XLR's, 8N-2080 ( earlier ) RCA's and Acrotec 8N 2080 ( ancient ) RCA's and XLR's; same company, different name

The gear: Solid state ( DC ) Preamp and Phono stage; a Tube power amp

The biggest single change was adding the PC-8100 power cable to the power Amp; speed + detail increased without becoming "dark" sounding, if I was going to make one upgrade only, this would be it

The 8N interconnects are take-no -prisoners, ice-in-their-veins detailed; there is no "warmth" of any kind but no coloration either; the later renditions have better connectors than the early ones

I suspect the 8N interconnects are the icing on the cake for the pinnacle of high end systems, whereas the 8N power cable will extract the very best from a power Amp is any system ( except one with a switching power supply, perhaps )

The Acrolink 7N 2090 interconnects have a touch of warmth and I suspect using these from source-Preamp, in my system at least, might be an attractive compromise

Since my original post in December 2017, I have upgraded all 3 cables on my Esoteric SACD player with Acrolink Cables, Both the digital cable and the analog cables were in the 1200.00 range. I bought them used for each less than half of the price as new. I also have an Acrolink 4030 power cord for the Esoteric player. It has Acrolink branded ends on the cord. I am very satisfied and those cable changes brought up my CD playback up another couple of notches.  It was definitely worth the money.  I should also note that The Cable Company never got back to me on prices so I gave up with them.  I bought the used power cord from a Esoteric dealer in Connecticut.  I purchased the analog cables here and the digital cable on eBay
I had an Acrolink 7N-PC4030 Anniversary power cord on my Esoteric K-01 until i tried the Nanotec 308 which was cheaper and to my ears much better than the Acrolink. More fuller and body to the images, bigger sound stage, more open just better in all sound quality areas. I will be putting the Acrolink up for sale. Connectors on both cables are Furutech NCF, they will not be included in the sale.

Visually and build quality wise the Acrolink is better but the Nanotec in my system sounds much better. I would not buy Acrolink again,

I have the older Acrolink 6N-PC4030 and find that sounds fuller and more open than the Acrolink Anniversary, maybe its the shielding on the Anniversary creating the problems i have read unshielded power cables seem to sound better and from my experiences i agree.

OP IF I was you i would look at the Nanotec cables.
KeithTexas .....I did the same with Accrolink, but used top Furutech cables.  would be interesting to hear the difference.

While a bit of an oversimplification, Acrolink's main strength is in the high frequencies, where they have a very extended, yet silky and refined presentation. As you go up the range, you get increased refinement, detail, dynamics and bass weight.

For your application, the minimum model I would consider is the A2070.