Acrolink 8N-PC8100 Performante Power Cable

I just bought an Acrolink 8N-PC8100 Performante PC, it work perfect with my Esoteric CD Player. Compare to my previous Acrolink 7N PC-4030 Mark II, this new cable has lower noise, more dynamics, deeper and solid bass, more clarity but more organic sound.

I bought this cable because my friend is using this.   But unfortunately, because this cable just came out last year, I can't find any information about this in English. I only can find this in YouTube:

If you have any information about this in English, please post to here. Thanks. 

I purchased some of these and think they're quite good.  Look up the "Singapore Hi-Fi Blog" for a review.

Here's a bit of info in English, although it's in low resolution.
That a limited edition model - once it's gone, it's gone. A little bird told me that the 9700 model will be replaced shortly.  
@ericteh what is the 9700 going to be replaced with?
The replacement has been available for about a month, I think.  
It’s the Esoteric Mexcel 7N-PC9900

I'm more than a year late to the party. I just tried the PC9700 in my system and man this cable brought a huge difference to my system. I will swap out the cable with a cheap Supra Lorad shortly to reconfirm my enthusiasm. It's surely quality. 

At some point of time, I would be planning to add another 9900 or 8100 to my collection of power cords. However, that would have to wait for a while as I'm currently financially exhausted after getting the 9700. 
rnrmf1971 or anyone, I understand you now have both PC9700 and PC8100. I have gone through the comments and reviews on this forum, Eric’s blog and everywhere else and have a rather good idea how both cords sound like. Nevertheless, based on your experience which cord is best for the DAC and amplifier? 9700 on amp and 8100 on DAC or vice versa? I am aware the choice may be dependent on system components and musical preference but I’m trying to figure out if there’s an optimal arrangement with the cords on specific components to attain the best result or sound performance.
I think each one works best, together, at least in my system at this point. I have an integrated amp and SACD/DAC, so it's a simple system.

Doing that reinforces and magnifies the qualities that each cable has. Mixing the cables in this system is less appealing than using 2 of the same.  

In a bigger system, with separate amps and additional sources, mixing the cords to match the component's sound would probably be more successful, and I did that to an extent in another system. 
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Thanks for the response. If I am interpreting it correctly, you find that using all-9700 or all-8100 sound better than mixing 9700 and 8100 in your system (integrated amp and SACD/DAC). Interesting.

If I’m reading the reviews correctly, the 8100 is supposed to have better punch, slam and dynamics in the bass and midrange and possess a more delicate, detailed or extended highs/treble than the 9700. Is that correct? I’m going to snag a used 8100 (or perhaps 9900 or 9700) if one comes up in the used market. I’m not sure if it’s an appropriate allocation of funds if I happen to add another cable to the collection as the cost of these cords is actually higher than my Chord DAC. But the temptation is high after getting to know the potential of the single 9700 in my system.
Yes, and to put it another way....  because each one of those power cables does different things well, I felt that mixing one of each in this system diluted the strengths of using 2 of the same.

Was it you that was communicating with me on Audioshark about the 8100's a month or so ago?

I think the High Fidelity review from Poland that compared the 9900 and 8100 describes the sound of the 8100 quite well.

The description of the 9900 in that review is close to how I would describe the 9700 in comparison to the 8100, too.

I don't own the 9900 (yet) but I do have the Siltech Triple Crown and I'm inclined to say the 8100 has more in common with it than the 9700, but I need to revisit that opinion because I made a couple of changes to my interconnect and outlets since I last listened to the Triple Crown. I'll follow up after I try that.

rnrmf1971, thanks for the clarification. It wasn’t me on Audioshark. I posted on the comment section of Eric’s blog though. I think you responded there as well.

Looks like I may consider getting another 9700 complement the 9700 which I currently have in the system, instead of getting the 8100. Having said that, I’ll be buying used so we’ll see which one will show up first in the used market.

If I happen to add another Mexcel to the system, the cord will be more costly than the DAC that it will be connected to. Sounds a bit crazy that the power cord is more expensive than the component.
That was me who contacted you on audioshark :)

ive since picked up a 8n 8100 and 7n 7500
Hi! What's your take on those two?

I think you'll like having 2 of the same, a lot.  Haven't we all used more expensive cables on less expensive gear haha? 
i think they're of a similar sound signature. snappy and powerful. there's better bass control and much better imaging on the 8100

The 7500 sounds a bit thin in comparison. 

wouldn't mind another 8100 in my system but it's a fairly expensive cable!
Would love to hear your take on 9900 vs Siltech TC.
I have the old 9500, a bit lean for my taste.. Guess the new are better/different animal? Looks like they’ve kept the orange coloring of their top PC until now, would’ve prefer it otherwise for easier differentiation. Anybody know the msrp?
I don't have the 9900 yet - shipping from Japan to the USA is still restricted because of COVID.

But I will compare the TC to the 9700 and 8100 and post my opinion after I do.  I only brought up having the TC because the High Fidelity review of the 9900 (and 8100) compares them to his reference power cable- the Siltech TC.

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Thanks. I guess the 9700 although inferior to the 8100 in some ways if evaluated in separate entity, is still a very good cable if used throughout the system. Guess I’ll take your advice and keep a lookout for another 9700 instead of the 8100 (or 9900). These cables even used are not exactly cheap but when inserted into the system it leaves a big grin on my face. 
The 9700 just sounds different than the 8100. I was initially wowed by what the 8100 did and I thought it was better, overall, but with time I revised my opinion and realized it depended on different components and accessories in the system, as well as one's preference for midrange warmth. I think the 9700 is one of the most musical and natural sounding power cables I've ever heard. The 9700 has the same effect on me, too!
i'm also on the hunt for more 8100 but they're pretty hard to come by. My other PC is the furutech powerflux and i've always been interested in their nanoflux NCF as well to see how they compare to the acrolinks

for more context: 
my IC is acrolink DA2900 and my SC is furutech speakerflux
Thanks rnrmf1971, that's it. I'll snap up the 9700 if one comes up. The 8100 should be quite limited as I read Acrolink Mexcel only make 100 of these.