Accidentally bought a Quadrophonic LP. OK to play?


I bought an LP off of ebay, it is a double and triple concerto back LP on Harmonia Mundi...

turns out it is quadrophonic (SQ)

Is it ok to play this on a normal stereo setup? Will it sound messed up?

No problem. Just play it. Judge for yourself.

Don't take the you really want to risk it? Just put it down and walk away...
Dangerous Stuff. Might ruin your ears cause if your system is not connected accordingly you will end up with dreaming at night - of buying more of those pretty good sounding LPs with higher frequency
pressing :-)

Best @ fun only
I've got a number of Quad lp's in the classical repertoire and they sound just fine played in stereo. For whatever reason, I've noticed our local record retailers are starting to ask a premium for Quadrophonic recordings? Maybe just the rarity of the pressings accounts for their reasoning?
I would resell it on eBay as I am told these are hot items for Star Trek people. Seems Quad was the only thing that Trekies every listen to, so I am told.
I believe that on all quadrophonic vinyls printed "OK to play with stereo pick-up".
Quadrophonic recordings are great during fourplay.
If it's a matrix type recording you won't have any problems. Discrete 4 channel recordings can be damaged if not played with the appropriate cartridge. At least that's what I remember from 35 years ago.
One thing about CD4 discrete quadraphonic records--they were half-speed mastered. In fact, that's how MoFi got into half-speed mastering. Half-speed was created to be able to cut the back channels which were modulated up to 40KHz. When quad tanked, MoFi acquired one or more half-speed machines and started mastering standard 2-channel with them.

IIRC the Shibata tip was developed for discrete quad replay. That doesn't mean a good elliptical won't work. It would be worth looking up some vintage quad cartridges to see what the typical stylus shapes and compliance specs were. Any cartridge today with a similar compliance and stylus should be fine.
I have a few Quad lp's and they all sound great.
Fourplay? Sounds like an orgy, Bill.