I bought a TT--Need a phonopre

OK, I did it, I bought a music hall mmf 5.1 with a goldring1012GX MM cart. My first TT in 30 years. I am going to buy a phonopre tomorrow and I want to spend no more then $700.00 new or used. What should I get? I listen mostly to jazz.
Separates are nice...I mean Phonostage & Preamp. The choice is yours, or U can go Preamp w/ intergrated phono stage. Decide this issue firstly.
Separate phonostage is where i would like to go
Based on your budget, I suggest you consider the Lehmann Black Cube, and maybe one of Graham Slee's units. Prior to buying my current phono pre, I owned the Black Cube with the upgraded power supply, and was very pleased with its performance for the price. If you have about $750 to spend, there is also an Acoustech PH-P1 currently for sale here on A-gon, and it is a lot more unit for the extra $50.
See my ad for a new in the box Creek phono. It can be used with MM or MC. I used one with an Music Hall MMf 5 SE, Goldring cart.
Good phono, great price.
I would strongly recommend considering a Heed Quasar. At $995 new it's
severly underpriced. I suspect when you hear it, the extra $300 over your
stated budget will not be an issue.

I recently compared the Quasar to a Pass Labs Xono ($2995), and while the
Xono is the better phono pre because of it's accuracy, transparency and
flexibility, I ultimately found it rather boring.

The Heed is a very close second in the cerebral qualities, but it is head and
shoulders above the Xono in the emotional qualities (at least it was in my

The Heed gets my head bobbing and my toes tapping.

I purchased mine from Blackbird Audio Gallery, who offered a two week
home trial.
Or you could spend considerably less for a Bellari VP129, and save alot of money for records!
Just a quick browse:
Audio Horizons TP-8.0 home audition
Acoustech.Krell KPE,EAR and Musical Surroundings Phonomena.
Time to read some reviews and also keep an eye open for comparatively priced units mentioned.
The Adcom GFP-565 pre is still one of the best preamps around, and it's phono section is outstanding. I believe the adcom was designed by john curl or at least helped in it's design. They are way under your budget in price and leave you with plenty of cash for Lps for that new TT...
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Thanks to everyone for all the imput and time!! Lots of great ideas. I think I am going to just PICK one unit and see where I go. I don't think there is another way to do this. I have gone through this process with other pieces of equipment and have found there is no short cut, but that's what keeps it fun and interesting. Thanks again to everyone for there insight.

The SimAudio LP3 is a great phono stage for about that money, and I bet you can make it sound even better by running it off a battery.
Try the Project Tube Boxes. They're reasonable priced - $450 & $700 respectively and they sound really good. I've got the cheap one with stock tubes and I'm very happy with it. It doesn't have any controls other than switching between MM and MC and I've never wanted for anything with it.
At $700, my choice would be a used Audio Research PH-3. It's an incredibly good phono stage for the money.
The Cullen mods improve the GCPH futher and they will install balanced inputs if you ask them to. I did this with mine and am now stuck at a point where I don't know if upgrading phono stages would even be worth it.