What album have you bought in the most different formats.

As I reflected on my musical journey, it occurred to me that I have owned one recording in the following formats over time:

Album original release
Cassette - prerecorded
Cassette - recorded from my vinyl
Reel to reel (recorded on my own R2R from vinyl)
Reel to Reel 4 channel - prerecorded purchase

And NO, I never did 8 track

Also I now own the recording of the entire tour from which the original vinyl was created

The album - Live at the Fillmore East, by the Allman Brother Band

Does anyone have a similar attachment to a singular musical release?
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Ziggy Stardust. US LP.  British LP.  SACD.  None of them blow me away sonically.
Soon everything we currently have will be obsolete and we will have to buy it again in the new format whatever it may be.
Abbey Road

Cassette - hissy sound but I loved it

Vinyl - late 70s UK pressing, pretty good

Picture Disc - couldn’t resist, couldn’t really listen to it either. Surface noise.

CD - 1987 UK - ok but not much more

CD - 2019 version - good but different

I’ve heard other versions too, including the famous Japanese Black Triangle CD.

There’s not much in it, but that’s my current favourite digital edition as it’s closest to the UK original vinyl.
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Sophisticated Beggar - Roy Harper, in order of SQ.

Original 1967 vinyl - raw, detailed, and transparent.

CD 1994 reissue - Sounds good, like original record but with slightly decreased soundstage.

Remastered 2019 vinyl - cleaned up but transparency and soundstage removed in digital processing.

Tidal Hi- Fi 2019 - A zombie clone of the original. Lifeless.

I would also mention the best sounding, to me at the time, was the dedicated 4 channel R2R.  
Having seen them in concert on that tour, it captured the moment.  I later abandoned that format due to lack of product.

In retrospect, too many pieces needed, Main amplifier, rear channel amplifier, four speakers and R2R for discrete input as opposed to "mixed" sound for effect.
Probably Donald Fagen, "The Nightfly."  Original vinyl, later the cassette version which I donated to a bar in Kingston, NY.  Then regular CD, then DVD-Audio.
Fleetwood Mac Rumours. 
Original LP
Nautilus half speed digitally remastered 
45 RPM reissue
Original LP White Hot Stamper
The original was of course dubbed to open reel tape and who knows what all else over the years. Its on my iPod, does that count? That would be 7. 

I have several albums in pre-recorded 4 track reel to reel (7-1/2 ips); LP; SACD; CD

1. Original Moody Blues, Go Now,


piano based blues, Mike Pinder's voice, before Justin Hayward. The dynamically played piano on some tracks is muddy on both LP and CD, but sounds terrific on R2R

2. Iron Butterfly, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida


on the R2R you can hear 'In the Garden of Eden' here and there

3. Beatles, Sgt Pepper's


R2R, You hear subtleties in John's voice, Paul's superbly expressive bass playing, things your ears never caught before. My nephew, a musician cried.

4, others of course, I had over 500 R2R, sold 150, been deep into LP last year

now that you mention it, I'm gonna spend some Christmas money on a few R2R if I can find them.
Adventures In Radioland
A & D LP is better but the wide dynamic range makes it hard to listen to. Had to wait 6 years for the CD and SQ not great on the old Rotel.
Current CD Transport much closer.
Electric Dreams good both ways.
Another twist may be.. What recording have you most bought on the same format?
Wheels of Fire vinyl, upon release and 3 more times sue to life circumstances
I have no attachment to it, haven’t heard it in years, but I do have Bob Dylan’s Blood on Tracks.

Cassette (prerecorded)

I will get an 8-Track once I run into it despite not having an 8-track player.

Elvis Presley’s Moody Blue...

LP 1977 (mint condition)
LP 1977 (unopened, bought it as a back-up should anything happen to the first one)
LP (1970’s European release)
LP 2017
LP 2013 (Kevin Gray)

I never listen to any of those records. If ever, then DSD rip (128) of LP 2013.
PF, DSOTM. I have the MFSL CD and LP, SACD, original Harvest pressing on LP, 3 reissues on Both LP and CD, Blu-Ray, Immersion box set, colored white vinyl LP, Russian Version LP and CD. HD Tracks download. 
That makes 16 versions.  Is it a new world record?
Cool discussion!

 Judas Priest - sin after sin, lp, 8 track, cassette,and cd

 many Venom releases, LP, cassette, ep, cd

styx.  8 track, LP, cassette, cd

foghat, Ted nugent,..., cd, cassette, LP, cd, 

 many others

   Still have a huge box of cassettes, 8 tracks, etc.  in storage
@stereo5 ,

"That makes 16 versions. Is it a new world record?"

It might be. The only other album I can think that might have as many versions is Kind of Blue, but I’ve not heard of anyone having 16 variants of it! (unless there’s someone over on the Steve Hoffman music forums)...

I mean I must have had 3 versions of KOB and 3 of DSOTM and 3 of Led Zep IV (the best was the last).

Maybe this is another trait of being an audiophile, multiple copies of the same album. Although I guess it’s partly unavoidable if you’ve been around long enough due to regular changing of the formats.

Just how many have there been?
Here’s the ones that I know of.


LP (45 rpm LP)


8 track

CD / SACD / DVD - Audio / Blu-ray


MP3 Download / HD download

I wonder if we’ve finally reached the end of the format road?
One more format would have been the short lived video disc, not sure about music on them.  I was not trying to make this a contest, LOL.  It is more about a favorite piece of music and evolution of formats over time.  Being 72, I have been buying music for 60 years... how did I get this old?