A seperate Mid with punch?

I'm looking for a pair of exclusively separate mid-range speakers to add, but I can't seem to find much. I have plenty of bass from my Subs and plenty of high end from my RF7 II Reference speakers which of course I have a separate amp for, but I'm not getting all that "punch you in the chest" type of crushing sound I want. It's not my sound source or amperage. My pre-amp is tweaked in good. (Ok, I should mention that to most it kicks them to the floor, but not enough of that mid-range punch in the chest frequency I want) I can not find many options so if anyone knows of any options please let me know. Thanks.
If you're really serious about 'mid-range punch', the JBL Voice-of-the-Theater speaker has been the choice for over 40 years in theaters and clubs.
That would be Altec Voice-of the-Theater!
You don't sound lime the prissy perfectionist audiophile type, so why not save a lot of money and trouble and get an old parametric equalizer, and set it so it looks like there's a tidal wave in the middle?
Klipsch, the bigger, the better. On a budget, Cerwin Vegas or even radio shack mach ones.
Thanks for the correction Philefreak! More signs of age.
Dominator MX-10's.

You'll find 'em in the big room.

Before you buy anything, Check your room acoustics first! Try http://www.roomeqwizard.com
You do of course realize you can't just buy a midrange and hook it up to an existing tweeter and woofer and have it sound like anything other than a trainwreck, don't you? There is one other important piece of the puzzle, it's called a crossover.
I am confused also... It sounds like you are wanting to add a separate mid range driver like a person adds a sub, which like Onemanwolfpack already pointed out, doesn't work. Too many other variables with integration
My Tekton 6.5t monitors with a little bit a toe and 12" from the rear wall have a very good amount of punch when they are on good stands.