will Mc. mht200 drive my b&w 703 & htm7 with punch

i have a integra dtr 9.1 but have the opportunity to by a Mcintosh mht200 but I'm not sure if the difference in watts per channel from 130 to 100 will give me punch i want or should i just buy a rotel amp at 200 watts per channel and pair it with my integra which one will give me the best& most (quality sound)I'm not looking for loud but quality i can get the Mcintosh for 2500 or the rotel for 2000 help not a stereo freak (i mean that in a good way) I have 3 days nov 19-2008 thanks
i have a onkyo-integra 9.1 with a chance to buy a McIntosh mht200 my plan was to buy the rotel rmb1095 for my B&w 703s front and htm7 center and get full watts to my speakers to give me full sound but i have a opportunity to by this McIntosh mht200 $2500 or this rotel rmb 1095amp ($2000) to go with my integra dose the sound quality with more amps matter at 200 watts or will the quality of the Mcintosh make up the difference I'm not a real stereo wizard just recently disable this will be all i have to do for a while and i need some advice not going to hold u guys to the wall for your answers just someone to bounce this off of i like music first then movies I think Mcintosh is better for sure but will just the 100 watts drive my speakers I have been told the difference between the Mc. and the integra was night and day with amp or no amp please give me your opinion (thanks manfred77)
Not sure what your decision was with your purchase. I recently obtained a MHT200 replacing my vintage McIntosh C26 Preamp and MC2200 Power amp. I plan on using the external processor inputs for the new codecs for HD sound. The MHT200 does not have the same sound as the vintage pieces I have. I personally believe it's because the multi channel amps transfer almost all low frequences to the sub woofers. Without an available tool to measure frequency response I can only assume that the stereo portion to my fronts plays down to 80hz or so. My sub picks up the rest. Aside from that, the sound from the MHT200 is clean and superb. I was planning to use the MHT200 preamped to my fronts but I found it was unecessary. I have Martin Logan Ascents for fronts and draw roughly 200w per channel for power. The MHT's 140w at 4ohms is suprisingly enough to handle the Logans.