845 or 300b with Agalme?

Hello, I have Horning Agalme speakers, I think the other horning speakers would be similar but just smaller. and I’m looking to hear who has heard them with 845 and 300b type amps.


my room is 28 x 18 dedicated music room

Everything I have read is having me lean toward the Thoress 845 mono’s


I would appreciate any info.

Thanks, Scott



Looking at specs on that speaker I'd expect 845 to be better match. While I have no experience with Hornings, 90db efficiency and 4ohm nominal impedance, calling for 10-20wpc amp points to 300b SET being iffy proposition. I have both 300B and 845 SET amps, with my Klipschorns, 104db and Merlin VSM-MM 94db, 300B best with Khorns, 845 with Merlin.


I recently purchased Thoress phono, haven't heard yet as streaming has taken precedence. I'd bet on the Thoress 845 being wonderful with the Hornings. Not too many people in US know about Thoress, marketing much more focused on Europe.

Hi, I appreciate the info, the Horning website say 99db.

I have read good things about all of Thoress equipment.

congradulations on the Phono enhancer.

To my knowledge, the Horning speakers regardless of the model are 96 db sensitivity (Or higher). They are considered to be a very easy to drive flat 4 ohm speaker impedance.  I found this description on “Mono and Stereo” website.

The new Agalme statement speaker [€36.000/pr] is built around the new 6.5-inch PM65 Hørning/Lowther driver with 2.4 Tesla field strength in the voice coil’s air gap. For bass there are twelve 8" woofers in a push/pull array. For treble augmentation there is a new spiderless cone tweeter with 99dB efficiency. Overall system sensitivity is given as 102dB at 30Hz and 99dB at 20kHz. Each cabinet measures 200 x 65 x 40cm, weighs 130kg and "is built to a very high standard wood finish".

With the specs you guys quoted would work fine with 300B. I've had two 845 SET amps, greater impact, authority with 845, 300B more harmonic development, sweeter. I love both tubes, probably can't go wrong with either. Make sure you have high grade power tubes in either case. Review of Thoress monos in Postive Feedback were supplied with KR 845, those top grade if they have durability issues resolved, I had failures with these tubes many years ago. Reinhardt hand picks tubes for his components, my phono enhancer has very nice NOS, point being I'd trust whatever tubes the monos were supplied with. Love the Steampunk styling of Thoress as well.


I've had two 845 SET amps, greater impact, authority with 845, 300B more harmonic development, sweeter. I love both tubes, probably can't go wrong with either. Make sure you have high grade power tubes in either case.

Agreed.  I feel that I could be just as happy with an 845 SET as I am with the 300b SET. Different but equally satisfying on their own terms with excellent implementation. I looked at the Thoress amplifiers (300b/845/F2A) before settling on the Coincident Frankenstein. I have no doubt that I'd be very happy with that choice as well.



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845 would be my tube choice but then again, who made the product is also very important.


First off, your speakers are magnificent! I heard the smaller Horning Aristotle with the New Audio Frontiers Ultimate 211 SE amplifier and it was a religious experience for me. The combo was magnificent. I also heard the Wolf Von Langa Sons on the same amp and the combo was once again stunning. I would put NAF on your radar as they make beautiful sounding amplifiers. Just beautiful. The sound is built from the bottom up with addictive body and tone. Great build quality to boot. They make 300b and 845 amps also. 

Did I say your speakers are magnificent? Good for you!

Colin of Gestalt Audio Design in Nashville sells Horning, NAF and Tron gear. He is great to work with should you want to visit on NAF or Tron’s first class 300b amp.





Thoress gear is built all part to part wired like a work of art. I repaired a Thoress preamp/phono and was impressed with the build (shipping damage). Old school in the very best sort of way.

I also heard the Horning Aristotle with the Tron 300b Signature and that is a special combo. Tron has unmatched resolution and tonal purity in my opinion. The sheer amount of inner detail and realism is arresting. I have never heard another 300b amp sound quite this way. You hear deeply into the performance like a great 2a3 based amp coupled with Tron’s uncanny purity.

Both offer sonics at a much higher level than the Monaco. They cost a lot more however 😕. The Tron is several levels higher with the right speaker.  You have the right speaker. However, if you like a fleshy, muscular sound with gobs of body, the NAF is the ticket.  If you want realism, resolution and being transported to the venue type of experience, then Tron is unmatched in my experience.  


The Monaco amp is very good and only time with the other amps mentioned, in your system, will determine if they are more engaging and enjoyable to you.  This passion is so very subjective.  

That’s true, unfortunately Ups destroyed my Monaco.


I might have a chance to buy it back but the corian was shattered so who knows about other damage and if it would be worth trying to save?

Too sad. If you could have a nice matching wood chassis made I bet it would be pretty easy to get the amp going again. I doubt the internals are damaged much or beyond repair.  As long as the iron is good the amp can live again 

@grannyring In regard toThoress, I purchased with possible intention to upgrade caps, resistors. Did you listen to Thoress? If you did, how would you describe flavor?     i'm thinking Texas Components TX2575, Duelund Cast.

I repaired a Thoress Full Function Super Preamp. I don’t own a turntable so I did not listen to the phono section which is said to be very good. I did listen to the line stage in my second shop system only. Really just for post repair testing.    I can tell you it had a very warm and richly textured sound. Not the most transparent piece I have heard, but it has that romantic tube sound. 

Thanks @grannyring If sound signature of phono similar my chosen parts substitutions should provide exactly what I'm looking for.

Do you have pics of the internals to judge the damage if any? I think you need a good wood worker to make a new chassis. Put your amp in the new chassis made to fit your top plate and amp perfectly. 

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Picked up the Monaco, I’ve decided to not have a really nice chassis built until I know if it’s gonna work. Seems to be the logical route

I’m looking at the Frankenstein as well, should be a good match with the Hornings


In my opinion the 211 tube is an excellent option. As has been said many times, the key factor is quality of amplifier built /parts and implementation. 211/845/300b/ 6c33c/GM 70/2A3 etc.  Any one of these can provide fabulous sonic results if approached correctly. Numerous good paths to follow with an easy to drive speaker of this caliber.


@52tiger I went ahead and got the Thoress 845’s, it was a good choice

Very nice!!!

You had numerous good amplifier options. I believe that you will be thrilled with the Horning Agalme and Thoress 845 SET pairing.There will be no looking back in my opinion. I eagerly await your listening impressions and congratulations!


Charles,  my first impressions are they look way better in person, and they are way bigger than they look.

Sonically, best I’ve owned. Really can hear the emotion in the music.


it’s a little embarrassing but actually teared up a couple times.


still dialing them in and the Herron   is very neutral so really shows whether the recording is good not. Not forgiving but lots of detail. 




Sonically, best I’ve owned. Really can hear the emotion in the music.


it’s a little embarrassing but actually teared up a couple times.

Perfectly understood. The genuinely good audio components elicit this type of response/reaction. It’s all about the ability of some components to connect and emotionally engage you with the music.

I am unaware of any measurements that can determine/predict this. You have to listen. Not surprised that the Agalme and Thoress SET are capable of this.