$500 used CD Player Recommendations

I am looking for recommendations for a quality used CD player in the $500 neighbourhood. This unit will go into a small secondary system in my dining room, based around a NAD c352 integrated amp & Monitor Audio Silver monitor speakers. A few players that I have been considering are the Rotel RCD-1072, Music hall CD-25.2, Cambridge Audio Azur 540C v2 or Cambridge Audio's Azur 540c v2 or 640C v2.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
Why not buy an NAD C542 to match your amp? (Unless you're planing on changing out the amp?) They are on sale @ the moment on AudioAdvisor along w/the Cambridges as well.
The Jolida JD100 is an easy recommendation in that price range. I owned one and it was very good for the money.
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Thank you for your kind responses. Lindisfarne, do you mean the Rega Apollo, or perhaps the Planet 2000?
I'm still partial to the old Arcam Alpha 9 with the "Ring DAC" technology from dcS. A little lacking in dynamics and jump, but a very sweet sound. Very reliable, and quite restrained styling - not black. It would suit a dining room

A few weeks ago I picked up a beautiful Arcam CD-23 for $550. The seller was a local high-end shop that took it on trade. I picked it up so no shipping worry.
Exceptional cdp at a bargain price. You need to figure your preference and be ready to buy when a good price rolls by.
I have to say that I am a bit apprehensive about selecting this CDP. My last player in my main rig was a Naim CDX, which I just upgraded (the CDX was several years old) to a Chinese made Doge 6 Tube output CDP. The Doge (available from Pacific Valve-I have no affiliation) might just be the best value on the market today, at $1600 with upgraded tubes. Unfortunately there is no that my Wife will tolerate another such purchase. Reading through the forums I gather that is not altogether an uncommon problem :-)
I'll be the heretic and say this:

Sony Playstation One Model SCPH-1001 (not 300x or 500x, the 1001 is the real deal). One can be had on eBay for the outrageously exploitative price of $50 (was $15). Why?

1. Google it and read its hype
2. Unsubstantiated rumor has it that Shindo's are being demoed by its dealer off this unit.
3. I have one. It makes the Marantz CD-63SE (an okay player in its own rite) sounds analytical. The PS1 is not an immediately impressive unit by obvious attributes such as extensions and resolutions, but its temporally accuracy creates engagement over extended listening. Kinda like a moving magnet cartridge.

(And in case you're wondering. Yes, I once had a Radio Shack Optimus 3400 as well. There! Skeleton out of the closet!)
Craig-I was trying to be cute. ANY Rega CD player swings and...they are fairly analog. NOT bright like the Naim CDX, which I found hard to take for long stretches of time.
naim cd5i or rega planet
Cambridge 640 or maybe search a little more for an 840 (slightly more) .I've had both, there well made and have decent dac.Then use it as a transport and upgrade to a seperate dac .imho People may laugh but some of the old pioneer elite's were great for the cash too.

I've had a couple of the Rotel 1072s, in part to the suggestions of people here.  Terrific player, and preferable to the newer 1520.  Excellent support from Rotel if needed.

A Rega would be a good choice also - very good sounding, good support, and generally reliable.  If you could find a Naim CD5(any) for $500, jump on it - it's better than any of the others listed here.  The problem is that they're usually more than $500, and the older players (CD3 and CD3.5) are (much) more likely to need service.

I've heard a few of the Cambridge models, and they're also worth considering.  When I've heard them they've been fine, though I've always left wondering why so many people think so highly of them.  Probably just not my cup of tea. 
I think you would be better served with a brand new Emotiva ERC-3
Fine suggestions indeed guys. I like the Rotel spinners as well.
Oleschool, naimfan, gdhal and jafant, you do realize you are answering an 8-year-old thread.
A Rotel RCC1055 is the changer version of the RCD1072.  I have one available for far less than your looking to spend.  I have owned the 1072, also, and played both side-by-side.  They sound identical to my ears, although they are +50 yo.
There is a Arcam FMJ 17 CD player on A'gon for $488.00. It has Wolfson 8741 DACS running in dual differential mode. 

Might be able to negotiate.

Never had any trouble with Marantz cd or blue ray players. 
You mentioned Music Hall, if you can find a Music Hall Maverick they sound really good much better than 25.2, I owned one long ago. Very refined with nice full sound for the money.