15,000 LP's - What to do with records?

Yes, 15,000.

This was acquired from a private collector - mostly (approximately 90%) have never been spun. Each with protective covers, each stored in proper indoor temperatures and style.

Going through now making a list, but not excited about selling one, two, three at a time.

You guys know any shops that would pay properly for such a huge lot?
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I think the only way you're going to get anywhere near worth for these is to open an e-bay or Amazon store and begin selling them that way.

Find a college kid who is looking for a little extra cash and tell him you'll give him 20% or the profit if he does all the work of posting and replying to inquiries and purchases and boxing and shipping.
If you sell as a single lot you probably won't get more than a dime a record. Better to do some homework and determine which have value and which dreck. It's a ton of work but the payoff should be worth it.

The only quick response I can think of is to contact Acoustic Sounds as I believe they buy "lot" quantity.

The fact that most of them are sealed certainly adds to the value of the collection.

In any event that is a hell of a score.

Have Fun!

Have you moved these into your house or storage space yet? I can't comprehend what 15,000 LP's would look like. If you don't know what'cha have.....how can you put a price on it? You might make 10 times as much selling them off yourself, if that matters.....
When you get that list made up,let us know what you got.I'm always looking for a good deal.
I'll take a thousand NOS jazz LPs off your hands any time. Where are you located?
check out vintage records in Shreveport, LA. I know they have purchased large lots, not sure of 15,000.
I agre with Narrod - if you try to unload these as a lot you are going to come up short. Very short. But you have to weight that against the hassle of moving, cataloging, posting, selling, shipping and tracking payments for all of these.

Hell, I'll bet that there are lots of guys here on Audiogon who will give you more than .10 a record for the lot, sight unseen. If it were me I might just put up an auction and see what happens. You can always set a reserve - say $1 an LP. I guarantee that that's more than any retail store will offer you.

Where are they located, and how would you ship them as a lot?
Sell them to Europe - a good collection here is worth more than 1 usd a record ...
SteveAudio, standard A4 paper box will hold about 50 albums. 15,000 records would be 300 boxes. That's 6 boxes wide, by 10 deep, by 5 high. It's about 3000kg of records. And in listening terms, it is about 10 sides every night, including vacation, for four years.
T-bone -- your math's a bit optimistic. At 10 sides/per (i.e. 5 records) that's more than 8 years!:) Regards
I bought 1200 various titled LPs in varying condition (junk to new) at $150 from ebay. It was a local sale.
I salvaged about 100 for my own collection. I sold some I don't care at Amazon for $5~$30.
I would suggest you to put a bulk of 100 LPs on ebay according to their genre. Jazz and classicals with major recording company will pay most ($2+ per LP). Easy listening may not pay as much.
You are right. It's 8 years. I was thinking that when I wrote it and I still managed to divide by 2. Ouch! :^)
What gets me is: "(approximately 90%) have never been spun. Each with protective covers, each stored in proper indoor temperatures and style."

How old are they? Genres, labels, etc? If these are LP's that would sell for $10 each individually, then that's.....a lot of cabbage. Could be a good 2nd income, Of Course you might be 70 by the time you sold them all.
I may be wrong, but if you are located in the SF Bay Area, I can tell you that I talked to aomeone working the RecordMan's Parking lot sale. He said that he sold his collection, by the ton, to Rasputin's. He got something like $1200 for them(i.e., not a lot). I would not think the RecordMan would give you too much, but they now have a $5 store, so some of the more popular ones might get you more money. Half-Price Books might give you more, but probably couldn't handle the volume. Your best bet might be Audiogon or E-bay?
Amoeba Music would also buy good chunk, especially they are NOS jazz and classical, if you are in LA area or SF area, and probably pay a good chunk for it.
You can keep some select ones for yourself.

It is a good problem you got there.
And yeah, If you do it right, you might get a new 'porschecab' out of the sell ;-)