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In search for speakers of "natural" sound
I heard the Gato floorstanders recently. V natural sound, with their amps. Big fan of that brand. 
might be partly down to SF liking to use relatively small mids across quite a broad frequency range.  
SEAS vs SB Acoustics
With Class A power, you are more at the mercy of Hoffman’s Iron Law (regarding the much needed sensitivity/efficiency). It may be a choice between large cabs or less bass response 
@daveyf, I didnt critique the sound of any particular SF product. Have a great day. 
$27,500 for whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???
Why are you even discussing it. For the super rich, they’ll get a kick out of telling friends over dinner at Masa they ordered it in the 27k paint option. 
Sonus Faber kind of became a caricature. Wood, leather, marble, metal etc, lets see how many different materials we can combine. The image is a bit stuck in the past and not really high design anymore. Altho the more accessible range has a much cl... 
Sonus Faber peeling leather
Slightly off subject but noticed a small manufacturing defect on Olympica models at recent show - the plastic molding around mid (and tweet) wdnt sit flush - either side of mid at thinnest point. I cant understand how that is acceptable tbh.  
SEAS vs SB Acoustics
SB is danish designed and engineered, manufactured by their partner company based in Java.Revel, or actually Samsung, don’t use SB drivers now, they went in-house. To OP, you cant just swap out different drivers. The 9.5 Satori also needs a fairly... 
$27,500 for whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???
Great marketing.  
Borresen Acoustics Speakers - Have you heard them & what did you think?
Heard their large floorstanders back in Feb. Imo because of the driver material need careful system matching, preferably a warm sounding amp with good power.  
"Dazed and Confused" about upgrading current speakers
Selah or Salk for speakers. If changing pre, the new Schiit models are out.  
Schiit Freya plus. Is this an upgrade?
Can these globe fubes fit in a Freya? The spacing is tight.https://psvanetube.com/wordpress/store/products/treasure-globe-6sn7-se-pair-gf-limited-special-editi... 
Design a $60,000 Speaker - Start here
Bump...  Sonus Faber..  the drivers on some of their lesser range look pretty cheap. I dont esp like the sound from the base tweeter they use. Back to 60k speakers, that 11" accuton is a beast! But why 8 ohm? The parameters call.for a large box, s... 
Choices narrowed Rogue RP-1 and Primaluna Prologue Premium Preamps
Surprised no one mentioned s/h Copland preamps. 
Atoll IN200SE Integrated Amplifier
Thanks for your detailed review. There are FA reviews on the interweb .. maybe a ton in Francais, but there we go. I'm driving over to northern France from UK soon, so plan to buy this amp-  maybe even from factory(if its possible), which is not f...