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Really...My favorite power tube is reissue that's not widely popular
Keep these comparisons coming.. interesting to read above subjective opinion on 7581a and GL KT77. Also quite curious why some prefer the JJ KT77 over the GL version. Thinking the JJ KT77 may be similar in some ways to the 7581a. 
Which integrated amp do you suggest?
Onkyo A-9150A budget amp with a good 3D soundstage and decent dac. 
Really...My favorite power tube is reissue that's not widely popular
Has anyone done a shoot out between the TS EL34B and 7581A?  
Pathos Classic One MKiII vs. my separates
Wanna bump this thread as I auditioned the mk3 with marantz 8006 playing a variety of CDs and B&W 607 speakers(I think)Sound was clear and detailed but v 'digital' bright on top end. What was causing this? As a result I didnt pull trigger on amp. 
Nuforce STA200
Its been out a few yrs. How does the STA200 stack up to newer budget amps, Emotiva monoblocks, Nuprime, TPA3255 based etc? 
Speakers with the most detailed midrange? (non-ESL/planar)
When the new Seas Excel Graphene drivers are out, maybe we'll have a new champion mid.. 
Speakers with the most detailed midrange? (non-ESL/planar)
Accuton mids are pretty detailed. Salk Song 3  
Jimmy Page, It's time to call your lawyers?
Led Zep once sued a band called Goldbug for using 'whole lotta love' .. when that song was effectively written by someone else.  
Favorite band or artist of all time?
Tube Rolling with the Line Magnetic 518 IA
Bump. Anyone tried reissue 7581a tubes instead of 6L6 in this amp? 
Tube amp with KEF Reference 1
CJ Premier 11A? RM-200 is a great amp, you shd be able to find a s/h one for $2500  
Bogdan Audio speakers
Any one know the crossover point for catalina's is? Quite hard to integrate a 7" to ribbon.. just curious 
Line Magnetic quality
Simna Very interested in your views on this combination of amp and model power tube once you have 100 hrs on them. Looking at this LM model or a s/h CJ premier 11A atm 
KT-120s in a c-j Premier 11A
Has anyone tried Treasure 120's in place of tungsol's? 
Streamer/DAC combo or stand alone DAC with Node2?
Looking for reviews of NAD C658..  cant see any yet.Thinking to match with a pair of Alecto's