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New in 2017
Woops , sorry !! The new album is called Heartworms . Anyone listen to it yet? 
New in 2017
Very happy listening to the new Shins album!! It's called O, Inverted World .check it out ! 
Can a small speaker sound really really good?
How much did your speakers cost to build ? 
Best Rock Album of 2016
Bon Iver new album is different with some weird sampling , but as a whole, I LOVE it!!! 
Songs Faber Olympica III
Mtrot, don't you use a subwoofer for hometheater? 
Speakers in the 5-6K$ region & their components
You may want to take a look at smaller companies. Vapor Audio , Salk Sound,  and Selah Audio all make fantastic speakers with top of the line drivers with real world prices as they sell direct. Check out their websites and more info on AudioCircle... 
New Year, New Music
Too funny Chazro!!the new album from the Lumineers us a masterpiece !! It's called Cleopatra . Wow !! 
Are there any quality Phish recordings?
There is a sh*tload of live albums on Spotify!! Have you listened to all of them?Im only a fan of a few of theie studio albums. 
Albums you can listen too all the way through and it's all good
Shoe, I always listen to entire albums. A new one I love all the way through is the new album from Lumineers called Cleopatra. It's sooo good . Every song and it flows together in a cohesive masterpiece.its on Spotify so nothing to lose.  I can re... 
Best Rock Album of 2016
I LOVE the new album by Lumineers called Ophelia !! 
Buying my first 1080p,second projector
Very very impressed with the beautiful picture the Benq 1075 puts out!!The Homegear 120 inch electric has been working to perfection. What a fantastic value for $110 shipped. I bought a second subwoofer , a Polk 10 inch to go with my Pioneer 8inch... 
The Sad State of Movie Theater Sound Systems
I love going to the movies!! Sure , I try to see the movies I think will be great on the big screen. I bring a water and a couple of snacks , same for my daughter if we go together. I think the sound is great. I say, for the price paid their is no... 
Buying my first 1080p,second projector
I'm going to ceiling mount a Benq 1075.i will have the Homegear 120 electric screen .  
Dick's / Dave's picks
Have you listened to The Stanley Theater show from Pittsburgh? Year? 70's?That's a pretty smokin show !! Also , check out the show from late 80's from Pittsburgh Mellon arena where they played a second set with the Neville Brothers. I spoke to Jer... 
I am sick of Adele
Here is a pretty cool Raggae version of Hello. I dig it mahn!