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New Year, New Music
a few more ..U2 ,meh,Ryan Adams,  (see the album Gold)Animal Collective The Cave Singers (Alt Country, See their great album from 2011 called No Witchcheck out this song to see if you like. 
New Year, New Music looks like a sick year for new releases!!!  I'm really excited for : Radiohead                                   Mutual Benefit (if you don't know this band , che... 
Radiohead read on
New Radiohead album reported to be coming out this year!! 
Best Rock Album of 2015
I am new to the band Deerhunter, but I think this album is very , very good! It's called Fading Frontier . 
Did anyone see the Adele concert from N.Y.C tonight
I like her voice on the radio, but from the songs I heard on the concert, she sounded screechy and bad IMHO . 
Old friend looking for acoustic folk inspired music
The Civil Wars , Baton Hollow from 2011 
Did anyone see the Adele concert from N.Y.C tonight
Taters, Rolling Stone has the full concert online .  
I am sick of Adele
Live from Madison Squire Garden on Monday night . On TV 
The War On Drugs
Ncarv, I complain to my wife about the band's music sounding the same , and she says, Duh, they're going to have a sound , they are a band , and that's their sound. Makes sense sort of . Did you try their other albums I mentioned? They are all gre... 
The War On Drugs
This album blew me away !!!!!! So I went back to enjoy all of their past albums. Slave Ambient is awesome , as is Future Weather and Wagon Wheel!have you listened to Kurt Vile? He is fantastic as well. He used to play in the band I think. 
Jeff Buckley
Grace is awesome !! I think he has a new collection out  
I am sick of Adele
She kills it with Jimmy Fallon!! 
Best Rock Album of 2015
Anyone listen to the Foals album yet? It's outstanding!!!Death Cab For Cutie , Kingsugi is a very strong Pop Rock album! 
Best Rock Album of 2015
Hey Bongo, have you checked out the new Foals album called , What Went Down ? It's real nice !!! 
In Memoriam: Bobby Palkovich of Merlin Music
This is very sad news! Condolences to his family.