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Best Rock Album of 2015
I am looking forward to hearing this ! So far I really enjoyed Sufjan Stevens new one called Carrie & Lowell . It's very mellow , but very good!! Check out the band, Palace from England if you have Spotify. Their EP is called , Lost In The Nig... 
Courtney Barnett, the real deal
It's been getting raves across the board from every magazine and reviewer. I'm not really into female vocalist though. I did pass her name on to me wife. 
How are Scansonic MB 2.5 sound
Thoughts on the speakers Ken? 
Why Don't More People Love Audio?
I have books in my house , I had a pretty nice system going. I figured out that I enjoy listening to music through headphones more. So I bought a nice pair of Shure 846's. I sold my system off and downgraded to a system that I'm thrilled with.I re... 
BMC PureVox Feedback
Bcgator, I had the Vapor Breeze for a few years. This is a world class tweeter , and I did not have their top of the line . Actually it was their bottom . Maybe Doug could tell you more as he own Vapor in his reference system.I would look at the C... 
My Morning Jacket / anyone seen a show ?
Thanks Loomis, I will check out Bad Debt, for sure . I usually prefer a full band and full production sound , as in , Lateness of Dancers. Max, let me know what you think of LOD by Hiss Golden Messenger.Loomis, for a totally different sound , but ... 
My Morning Jacket / anyone seen a show ?
Loomis and Max, you should listen to Hiss Golden Messengers last album ,called, Lateness of Dancers. It is fantastic!!!! 
Clearwave Duet 6 monitors
I enjoyed your review. I'm glad you are enjoying your new speakers!!Can you compare your tweeter to the Raal tweeter , or other great done tweeters you have heard? 
My Morning Jacket / anyone seen a show ?
Thanks Loomis! Glossy MOR?? I'm listening to It Still Moves right now. I'm not sure how I missed this album. I must say that after the first three songs, I'm hooked on this album so far. l LOVE Z, and Circuital very much. I do enjoy Pop Rock or Al... 
My Morning Jacket / anyone seen a show ?
Thanks Max, I'm really looking forward to the new album , and I have heard the first single which is pretty good . Did you like Jim James' last solo record ? It wa one of my favorites !!I'm not sure if I will take the plunge and go see them . 
BMC PureVox Feedback
Have you ever heard the Raal ribbon tweeter? It's supposed to be one of the best tweeters on the planet. Are the Benesch speakers around 7 grand? I think there may be a few speakers for way less money that could perform as good as these, if your w... 
Lovin this new band / Palace
Nobody took a listen? the EP is called , Lost in the Night.Well worth a listen. Just trying to share a good find. 
New Bookshelf speakers u love 3k to 6k
Nice post, were they stunning?how much did you save? What did you decide ? 
What speakers for 10k?
Wavetouch is very very smart offering a 40 day in home trial. The costumer has very little to lose .($50 to $75 bucks maybe) the owner is so sure you will love them, it's like a money back guarantee . Brilliant idea for a new company. I have heard... 
What speakers for 10k?
Jug ,did you read Baza's review? seems to love them! He seems like an experienced audiophile.