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Thoughts on new Blur album
Misternice, please check out Damon's last album called Every Day Robots!!Give it two spins , let me know what you think. It was my favorite album last year.Let me know what you think. Oh and of course check out Blur's famous album called Parklife.... 
Speakers for Office/Listening Room
Triangle speakers , cheap, great , and front ported. 
Your favorite recent discovery
Check out the band, Palace. I love both EP's. They are on Spotify.Awesome band !! Unique sound ! 
Speakers for Office/Listening Room
Check out the reviews for the new Andrew Jones speakers from Elac. Only $200 too. 
Advice on buying a used speaker up to 3k
You may need to make a few response post to other threads before starting your own. This is keep spammers away I think. You can pm JonL who runs the sight.. I am a facilitator on the cinema circle. You could chime in there before you start your ow... 
Looking for a new band?
I have been in LOVE with a band I recently discovered called Palace. The are bluesy, soulful, alt rock band. They have a new EP out called Chase The Light. It's just as fantastic as their debut EP called,Lost in the Night . Both albums can be foun... 
righteous reggae mon
I love the reggae album by Sinead O'Connor !!it is brilliant !! 
Best Rock Album of 2015
Blur's new album is very very strong!!Also , My Morning Jacket's new album is great as well!! 
When does non-delivery become a crime?
Bookshelf Speakers in Built-in Bookcase
I would look for closed cabinet or front ported speakers. 
Thoughts on new Blur album
I like it very much! Hell, even Noel Gallagher likes it. 
Bob Weir documentary on Netflix
I like the doc on the Kings of Lion. Did you google best documentaries music on Netflix? I got two nice lists. Top 13 and top 25 
Bob Weir documentary on Netflix
The Devil and Daniel Johnston !!!! One of my favorite documentaries. can't really listen to his voice , but I love the tribute album called the Late Great Daniel Johnston Recovered. It's got many amazing ... 
Best Rock Album of 2015
Austinbob, thanks for The Lone Bellow recommendation !! I had never heard of them before, I only listened to a few tracks , but loved their sound/music!!I love Death Cab For Cuties' new album called, Kintsugi . It's a very strong album IMHO . 
Bob Weir documentary on Netflix
Thanks for the "heads" up !