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EMM CDSD transport new version out
In terms of software updates, does anyone know what issues the software updates have addressed. I am hopeful there may be an upgrade that will allow one to play EMI Copy Controlled discs on the CDSD, without the problems I am experiencing with pla... 
Which musician retired too soon?
Don't forget Elliott Smith !!! 
Kharma 3.2 CRM FE and which power amp?
Here's another high recommendation for the Lamm M1.2's to go with your Kharma 3.2's. (I am not sure you need the power of the 2.1/2.2). Definitely, the Lamms and Tenor (both 75 OTL and 150/300 Hybrids ) are the best two amps that I have listened t... 
Which musician retired too soon?
Kurt Cobain 
Anyone tried the new Kharma amps?
while the Kharma amps generated some interest at the Montreal show, only you can decide if they equal Lamms or others. (??I doubt??) You will likely have to get to GTT Audio to audition them.A working pair of Tenor 75wi could be heaven with the Kh... 
DVD line level question?
I had the exact same problem when I connected my Denon DVD player to my emmlabs DCC2 preamp using analog RCA interconnects. I was turning the preamp volume to double the number for music (via the emmlabs transport). You will find differences from ... 
5 CD's on your current "permanent " rotation.
Ryan Adams (MoFi-SACD version) HeartbreakerLucinda Williams World without TearsAimee Mann Bachelor #2Arcade Fire FuneralRadiohead Amnesiac 
Kharma Ceramique in a small room ?
Dirtyragamuffin,I have the MidiGrands in a space almost identical to yours with 9.5 foot ceilings. While I agree I would love to have a little more breathing room on the sides, how do you find your room is constraining your Kharmas ? 
Any New Music capture your fancy ?
As a "Rocker" you might check some of these more straight forward recent 'rock' LPs:Sleater-Kinney - The Woods (loud - all females)SPOON - Gimme Fiction (new classic)The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan (very different than Elephant)With your j... 
Best Bike to ride before a good listening session
No time to listen tonight ... Had to watch the TTT on OLN, as I learned 'bout Zabriskie's crash and Lance is back in Yellow !Meanwhile, my missing Z-slab shelves have finally arrived for my Zoethecus rack ... I wish I had time to set up and finall... 
Best Bike to ride before a good listening session
Perhaps, between riding my bike (if the rain stops) and watching Lance go for his 7th, my power bill should decrease during July as I probably will have less time to listen to music ! 
Best Bike to ride before a good listening session
I have seen no reason to replace my 1992 Trek 5200. Although, the Madone 5.9 SL sure looks sweet. 
Where do you find new music?
For indie/alternative music check (morning becomes eclectic) 
EMI Records, Copy Control, High-end CD players
Ironically, it may be even cheaper to buy the UK version via I only paid the postage/exchange and there was no duty. Came in less than 3 days. Best of all, no COPY CONTROLLED logo. Works perfect on the emmlabs. 
Non-Copy Controlled Coldplay X&Y
UK version does it again. I returned my Canadian version of X&Y to HMV without much question (there's a scam right there if you wanted !!!) I could have just kept the clone I made using CloneCD, Instead, I ordered the UK version of X&Y on ...