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EMM transport clarification
Good pick-up. I noticed the same thing, but didn't post it here for fear of it going missing. Someone must be mistaken. 
Real world experience with the Funk or Funk V TT
Does anyone have a pdf of the Hi Fi Choice review they can email me ?? 
Best "album" of 2006
Raconteurs is definitely going to make the top 50 lists. 
EMM Lab CDSD transport motor resonating
Yes, I am the original owner and the repairs discussed above were just done under warranty. 
Noise from emmlabs CDSD with certain CDs
Just to provide closure on this thread, my CDSD has returned from emmlabs. The transport was not felt to be the issue, but rather this relates to the fact that the CDSD spins all discs (CD and SACD) at the faster SACD speeds. Therefore, certain di... 
EMM Lab CDSD transport motor resonating
Oneobgyn,Despite the fact that your 3 machines have been "flawless", the fact remains Nikki and I have had the same problem with noise from our CDSD. IT IS REAL ! In both cases, our transports were deemed acceptable, and the problem was addressed ... 
Best "album" of 2006
You guys who like the Neko Case album, should definitely check out the latest Calexico (Garden Ruin). Incidently, Calexico supports Neko on Fox Confessor. 
EMM Lab CDSD transport motor resonating
Well my CDSD is back home and was put to the test last night. Yes, the new case without vents and the added insulation seems to have largely corrected the problem. The most problematic CD can still be barely heard if you turn the music off and sta... 
EMM Lab CDSD transport motor resonating
Nikki,My CDSD went back to Calgary last week via FedEx. I also sent two CD's that were problematic. Within 2 days my dealer nicely called me and told me that they had checked out machine at emmlabs. THey could definitely hear what I was complainin... 
A Tale Of Two. . . Anacondas Helix
Guidocorona,Thanks for the review.Now I am confused. I was considering using the Python Helix cords on my emmlabs CDSD transport and DCC2 DAC. I don't have a local dealer, so I can't demo them first. I was going to get an alpha cord for the DCC2, ... 
Owl,I see you're selling your emmlabs ...What do you see replacing it with ... Just curious. 
Is the EMM Labs DCC2 dac better than the DAC6e?
Keep your eyes open ... something is up ! 
Best "album" of 2006
Definitely, Calixeco's newest Garden Ruin will make it to the end of 2006 as one of the year's best, as will Neko Case. Fox Confessor Brings The Flood.For a sonic workout of your speakers and amps, I am impressed with the Fiery Furnaces last CD: B... 
New digital front end
Stenho,I was just recommending to Jetusmc that he consider the original emmlabs CDSD/DCC2, now that many are on sale for a very good price. I am very familiar with these, as I have had them in my room for the last year, and don't think he will reg... 
New digital front end
What little I know is found in this recent thread:Emmlabs thread