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great vinyl sound cost as much as great cd sound
I guess Thom Yorke fans think alike:I posed a similar question a while ago, and upsettingly I didn't get much help. Not having many albums, I really don't want to spend too much in total on the TT, arm, cart and phonostage. I too wonder whether a... 
What is a better value speaker -- Kharma 3.2FE at
Given this additional info about your previous speakers and preference etc. I would say the Kharmas are much more like your Avalons. If you prefered the Avalon to WP's, I think you would be happier with the Kharma's. I have listened extensively to... 
What is a better value speaker -- Kharma 3.2FE at
These speakers are as different as peanut butter and Nutella. I have listened to both Kharma and Wilsons extensively, before I ultimately settled on the Kharma sound. Yet, I would not pay $21K and would look at buying used or demo from a Kharma de... 
Best "album" of 2006
another one I forgot to mention, a Swedish group not unlike the UK's Go Team!Love Is All -- Nine Times That Same Song 
Best 845 amp?
Check out the deHavilland Aries 845-G SET amps with the Shuguang 845Bs tubes. Very nice and not too too expensive. 
What preamp for Lamm M1.2 ?
If you should decide to go for the emmlabs CDSD/DCC2, I would suggest you try going with the DCC2 built-in preamp to start with. You may like it. Afterwards, you can start to look at a separate dedicated and actually compare the sound in your wond... 
What preamp for Lamm M1.2 ?
The other option I seriously consider is Reimyo CDP777 and EMM DCC2/CDSD. In both cases I will need a preamp though.Not quite true. Remember the DCC2 has a preamp (not just volume control) and I am currently running my DCC2 direct into Lamm M1.2's... 
Which Lamm should I add to the flock?
>Now I just have to wait for them...Anticipation....I assume by this that you have ordered some Lamms or made a decision ? 
Which Lamm should I add to the flock?
I would vote for the M1.2 Ref. I have been very happy. I wouldn't say they're HOT ... warm, but you can certainly always touch the fins on the side and the top. They do help keep my room warm during the winter, but do need A/C in the summer to kee... 
Kharma 2.0
Agree, should be more than powerful enough. Can you try it out ? But many including myself much prefer the Kharmas with tube or hybrid amps. 
Good Amp for JM Labs Utopia Speakers
Consider Simaudio or Rowland amps. 
What would u like on sacd?
Entire Radiohead librarySufjan Stevens- Come feel the Illinoise & Seven SwansIron & Wine last 3 albums.Although, I must say they all sound real good on Redbook on my emm labs. 
Top Five for 2005
To continue a common theme:My favorite CD's of 2005 (no real order):Sufjan Stevens: Come feel the IllinoiseIron & Wine with Calexico: In the reinsClap Your Hands Say Yeah: S/TAkron/Family with Angels of Light:Animal Collective: FeelsAndrew Bir... 
Which one benefits more from a better power cord?
I have the same question for my CDSD and DCC2, as I am still using the stock Kimber Kable PC's with both. The Jena Power One PC is getting a lot of attention now, but at $1,800 list I can't conceive buying two. So, if I wanted to upgrade my system... 
Lamm 2.1 amps
welcome to the club ... yes, they are amazing ... so, effortless