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New digital front end
I meant the emmlabs Signature upgrades. 
New digital front end
Forget the "upgrades" ... perhaps, now is the time to cash in with so many used emmlabs CDSD/DCC2 up for sale at a good price ! assuming they are in good working order, you will not regret it. 
Bettye LaVette-"I got my own hell to raise"
is it just me, but I was rather underwhelmed by the sound quality of the CD. The vocals sound somewhat closed in.I suspect the vinyl version is better ? 
A "Unique" Voice...
Antony and the JohnsonsJana HunterDevendra BanhartOf course, Thom YorkeKevin Drew of BrokenSocialScene 
Lamm ML2.1 and Avalon Eidolon ?
Elberoth,You are obviously taking a very careful and thoughtful approach in the construction of your room and its design. It looks beautiful and I'm sure it will sound wonderful.No offence, but I wonder if you should hold off changing your amps. I... 
EMM Lab CDSD transport motor resonating
I know several people with the new CDSD (plastic tray) and no one has had any problems.I wish I could say the same, my 1 year old CDSD with a plastic tray is now making loud resonating noises with certain CDs, which can sometimes be heard over the... 
Noise from emmlabs CDSD with certain CDs
I bought it in Canada last year and the dealer has already called me. He will check into it right away. 
Noise from emmlabs CDSD with certain CDs
All my gear is directly connected to dedicated lines in the wall. 
EMM Lab CDSD transport motor resonating
Since the repair, has your transport remained silent ? 
Noise from emmlabs CDSD with certain CDs
I should fix that link: 
Noise from emmlabs CDSD with certain CDs
I apologize, I found this older thread:http:// (The search tools on this website are not great to go through the archives !)Anyways, I contacted my emmlabs de... 
Tenor 75WP or Lamm 1.1 for Kharma Midi Grand?
I have the Midi Grands and Lamm 1.2's and think you can't go wrong. I have never heard the 1.1's, but suposedly the 1.2's are sweeter. I too almost pulled the trigger on a Tenor (the 150 hybrid) which I loved, but the reliability and bankruptcy wa... 
great vinyl sound cost as much as great cd sound
Michael,I'm upset that you are giving up on the vinyl thing. I am not so sure you have to spend 10K or more to beat our emmlabs. Yet, I do know that a friend's set up which probably equalled around 10K easily beat the emmlabs on redbook.It would b... 
Any info on the fun, new Apple product 28/2/06
Yes, you're right... Apple has some nerve to call a special press conference for something as lame as this, plus a new Mac mini with the intel chip.For Steve to suggest his boombox can create huge soundstage and precise imaging and separation etc.... 
phono preamp to use with emm labs dcc2 preamp
THe above are great selections ... but the system will cost as much or more than your CDSD and DCC2 combined. I am curious could you spend a lot less than this, and still compete or better the sound of the CDSD/DCC2. I was considering the Whest PS...