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Why is there so much Rowland gear for sale?
I am glad you all like your Roland gear.I will admit it is the prettiest stuff on the planet.I am just wondering If it did not look so beautiful would you still be buying It! 
Why is there so much Rowland gear for sale?
People realize there is better sounding equipment out there! 
The Worst Speaker you have ever heard.
I agree with Fattparrot the avantgards are yukee!Jim Smithneeds an ear transplant.As far as Wilsons go yuppie all the way! 
Is 2 channel dead?
They still make 2 channel! (just kidding) 
VPI HR-X vs SME 20
I heard the HR-X at the C.E.S. it sounded very musical.I cannot give you a direct comparison between the TT.The few times that i have heard SME tables i found them to be more on the analytical side.It is also possibleit might be the setup.AS far a... 
American made TT???
Basis is an american companyThey have TT starting at 1199.00. 
Inexpensive tweak
And i thought i was nuts! 
ARC LS25 MkII vs. ARC Ref MkII??
I have listened to both,the improvement you get does notsubstaniate the cost.You would be better of putting yourmoney in upgraded cables and Interconnects! 
CES 2003: Which products impressed you?
The new VPI turntable.All the LAMM electronics.Pipedream Loudspeakers. 
Best sounding room at CES 2003
I just came back from the show.The best sounding room at the show was the Lamm room! 
What of your gross annual income is your system?
Exactly 50 percent!No wonder my wife wants a divorce! 
Can anyone help me on Audio Research PH 3SE?
The helicon is a very low output cartridge.Your PH3 shouldbe used with a medium output cartridge.Your phono pre-amp does not have enough output for this cartridge.Did you put this package together by yourself?If a dealer put this together,he shoul... 
HELP Electrocompaniet stole Christmas
I have read all the responces and as much as i feel for ernie,i think he needs to sell his cdp and move on.How much abuse do you want to take over a cdp.There are plenty of great cdp on the market.Why ruin your health over this,it is not worth it.... 
The plight of SACD....
T.Martin says (young people are not interested in vinylI just came home from Amoeba records,and the vinyl sectionwas so packed with young people i could hardly look aroundI asked the clerk where the sacd were located,he replied"whats that". 
Anybody remember G.A.S.
Where are you located!