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What other obsessions do you have?
Cleaning my laundrymat. 
JMLab Micro Utopia Be vs Dynaudio Special 25
What are Caravelles, I have never heard a word about thosespeakers until today. 
Best and Worst Websites in Audio'dom
Best-Dynaudio Worst- Sonus Faber 
I have a confession to make
You say you are in debt 350k. Is that all consumer debt.The average consumer debt for an average income family is 30k. If your consumer debt is 350k you are 10x over average. If this is the case you need some serious help. 
I have a confession to make
I love equipment as much as the next guy, The thing that keeps me under control is the thought of divorce. What's the point of having great gear if your living under a truck. (By the time my wife got through with me that's where I would end up) 
Audio Research VT-50 Question
They checked the bias at G.N.P. 
Audio Research VT-50 Question
I bought my tubes from GNP,They are located in Pasadena,Ca.They sold me a matched set of Svetlana tubes from the Factory. They are burned in for 24 hours prior to usage.Once the tubes were Installed the bias was checked. 
What to upgrade next?
Out of all the suggestions so far I would tend to agree with Bidkidz. I myself have went through a number of powerconditioners,cables,power cords,digital upgrades. And whilethey have all made nice Improvments in the sound, Changingor upgrading spe... 
Audio Research VT-50 Question
I recently retubed my VT-100mkIII. At first it didn't sound good at all. Now that I have put about 150 hours onthe amp it sounds as good as ever. Make sure when you retube the amp to use matched sets of tubes that have been tested for at least 24 ... 
Which fluid should I use
Are you using the wash or deep clean? If you use both do you have a seperate wand for each process. 
How to stop upgrading and aviod going bankrupt????
I too am obsessed by Audio equipment. I have a different take on this than your other respondents. I have friends who spend money in bars and strip clubs. When they wake up the next day they have nothing to show for what they spent.I on the other ... 
Acoustic Sounds 45's Jazz series
Gary,I believe those O.J.C. are from Fantasy records. They are located in Berkley, California. They put out a large catalog of Vinyl. I'll see if I can find there phone #. I just found it 510-549-2500. 
Have you received bogus offers from Nigeria?
They fax me this bogus Information all the time. 
8 Time Grammy Award Winner? For Real?
Buscis2I could not agree with you more! 
Every make a purchase you truly regret?
Audio Research CD-2 boring and overpriced!