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Is $18,000 enough for a high end HT?
I think rather than worry about how much you are going to spend,find a competent dealer to put a system togetherfor you.I believe in HT installation is everything! 
Sony SCD-1 vs. SCD-777ES
I had both machines over at my house for a demo.I could not tell them apart. 
Bryston Vs Classe
For your application there is only one choice. BRYSTON! 
Just heard DynAudio S 1.4.. imagus maximus
How much are they? 
Review: Dynaudio Contour S3.4 Speaker
Where can I get the specs on the speaker? 
Classical, Jazz, or Rock?
You act like there is only 3 kinds of music.There arehundred of musical artforms,Why don"t you open up yourears to some of them! 
Keeping Drivers Healthy
I use a artists brush and lightly dust the drivers aboutonce a month! 
Where can I hear Teres
I live in Southern California! 
Thiel - Inventors and Tinkerers All
Thats a beautiful thing,now all they have to do is gettheir speakers not to sound so tizzie! 
Which speakers do you like in the $5K price range?
Dali or Dynaudio 
Is there a cd player that sounds close to an LP?
I have done many comparisons with the CD and LP medium.It all comes down to the quality of the recording! 
Why is there so much Rowland gear for sale?
Like I said in my previous thread you are more impressedby shiny boxes and award winning websites than you arewith sound reproduction! 
Why is there so much Rowland gear for sale?
Hey Macrojack,I looked up the Rowland website Am I supposedto be impressed.If you like shiny boxes I could make yousome at a considerable lower price.Let me know what size you want and I will make them for you!For an extra fee I could even have th... 
Why is there so much Rowland gear for sale?
Obviously when you all go off the subject at hand talkingabout Harley Davidson and Mcdonalds It just shows thatRoland gear is not exciting enough to stay on the topic.Like I had said in my previous thread there is better sounding gear out there.If... 
Dynaudio Contour 1.8MKII vs.Contour T2.5
I own the 1.8MKII and overall I am very happy with them.If your looking for value I would buy the 1.8MKII overthe T2.5.I am not saying that the 1.8MKII are better Iam only saying they are a better value for the money!