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Am I the only one who thinks B&W is mid-fi?
I have heard alot of B&W speakers.Ihave never been impressed.They are good at marketing to yuppies, thats about it! 
B&W N800 vs Wilson WP7 vs Revel and others
I have listened to all the above speakers.I would check out the Vandersteen 5 or dynaudio C-2.I feel that the wilsons are very overated! 
Anyone ever have claims for damage with UPS?
I have all the responces and they all make sense.I know it is more expensive but let me tell you the way to go.Have your shipments packed professionaly by a packing company let them also ship the package for you.This way they are responsable if an... 
HELP Electrocompaniet stole Christmas
Whether its a gray market product or not,good business would dictate for the distributor to take care of the upgrade.Let me give you the reasons why!#1 Good service will make people come back to the product the next time they are ready to make a p... 
Best N.O.S. Tubes for Audio Research LS 25 MK1
Call audio research! 
Best music for romantic interlude
I need to do that! 
Hi end audio who cares
You go listen to your mariah carey,michael jackson and barry whats his name.I am going fishing! 
Hi end audio who cares
Whats a hemi! 
Audio stores in Washington DC???
Snooty indead! 
My wife is so uncool!
My wife will bitch when i upgrade a component or accesories.After a few days she will tell me how good it sounds. Go figure! 
Terres TT why a mystery
How do i get in communication with terres? 
Speakers with Audio Research LS25MKII & VT100MKIII
I have the same electronics as you do.Rather than tell you what i am using, i think it best to audition a variety of speakers,to see what you like.The combination you have can drive alot of speakers out there.Listen for yourself and trust your own... 
Dynaudio Anniversary 25
I just heard the speaker's the other day.I was looking for an upgrade in the dynaudio line.I auditioned the dyn 25 for about 1 hour and really enjoyedthem.Then i made the mistake of listening to the C-2, need i say more! 
Dynaudio 25th anniversary speakers
I just heard them the other day.They sounded great until i heard the C-2.Guess i am going to have to wait,until the next model change! 
Help. What phono preamp to buy?
For the money you cannot beat the ear834p.I have listened to far more expensive pre-amps,and IMO it is not worth the extra cash outlay.If you have money to burn,send me some!