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Have you heard of this speaker? Wesley & Kemp
  Right, Cedargrove. Didn't they make speakers like this in the 1950's or even earlier?) 
Oppo BDP-103 vs UDP-203 audio only
   Your 103 is "absolutely perfect" and "performs flawlessly" and you "love it." Have you heard the new 103? Even if someone can answer your question and has heard both units, it is just anecdotal and opinion.Technical  Improvements on paper don't... 
$20K to spend on speakers…. . wait! There’s a catch!
I also bought my speakers unheard. It was something I thought I would never do. I bought a new pair of Martin Logan Summit X loudspeakers from an authorized dealer. They were a close-out as the new models were  coming. Price? $8,968.00, including ... 
Non Authorized Martin Logan Dealers
  I own a pair of Martin Logan Summit X's, bought from an authorized dealer. I have been very happy with them.  As I recall, ML does not honor a warranty from a non-authorized dealer.  
New McIntosh MA 8900 Integrated amp
  mtrot, try to hear  the 8900 before buying the MAC receiver. Ideally, the 8900 with a good quality McIntosh tuner will outperform the MAC receiver. That is, if FM is important to you.  
New McIntosh MA 8900 Integrated amp
 mtrot, please log onto the McIntosh website. They have posted a review of the MA8900. 
New McIntosh MA 8900 Integrated amp
  I have bought many new McIntosh products. Some dealers will discount. I used to do business with a McIntosh dealer in Los Angeles, who routinely gave me 20% off the MSRP. I haven't seen or heard the MA8900, but it looks like a good unit. Do you ... 
Speaker Cable Length Impact
 Agree with ebm. They will sound the same 
Dealers hijacking the discussions
   This is a FORUM. If someone bothers you, ignore him. 
Bryston or Pass Labs
   Which sounds better to you?? 
McIntosh MC152 vs MC162
   As a long-time owner of many McIntosh components, I concur with theo. What power amp can you get for $3,500? You could look for an older but in very good condition Mac amp with autoformers. I use a MC2205 in a Martin Logan system. I am using th... 
Speaker help - Best all around speaker
  I'm with gdhal. The Golden Ear Triton's would be my choice. 
Tube Rolling for Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum 2
I use Telefunkun 12au7 NOS. Pricey, but worth it 
Seller suspended from Audiogon...
   Did you ask the site administrator? 
what speakers to buy
  I read all the replies and I don't recall seeing anyone say, "Buy Bose"). A road trip definitely is in order for you. What is your nearest big city, and how far away is it?