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Are these Speakers the BEST on Planet Earth ?...
  Come on! There is no "best," objectively speaking.  
Resonessence Labs: Still in business?
  Did you do a search for them on the internet? 
Should I fix it and sell it or sell it as is? Mark Levinson No. 331
 Why would someone pay $800 for your amp if it needs a $1,100 repair? How much would it be worth if you have the repair done, and then sell it in good condition? 
Manufacturer Repaired Dropped Integrated Amplifier - Should I Be Concerned?
  Hi, sorry to hear about your unit. Maybe I can shed some light on this for you. I sent a McIntosh tuner from California to New York in 2016 for upgrades and modifications. Due to negligence on the part of the seller on how to pack the unit, it w... 
Best Tubes on Market today?
  I retubed my C2300 and MR-71 with NOS Telefunkun tubes. All tubes preceded 1970. I even bought one made in November, 1954. All NOS tubes made a great, audible difference in my system. And also quite a hole in my pocketbook! 
What to do with broken McIntosh Pre-Amp
 I agree with roberjerman. Also, consider sending it to the McIntosh factory for repair. It takes time to get a unit back from them, but will look and sound like new 
This new McIntosh integrated looks like a winner
  It looks nice, aberyclark. Have you heard it? 
martin logan speakers
  I use Martin Logan Summit X speakers with McIntosh amplifiers and preamplifiers. I think they are a great match, highly recommended. Let you own ears decide! 
Are Martin Logan’s what they used to be?
  I have a pair of Martin Logan Summit X's, driving them with a solid state McIntosh MC-2255 amplifier with great results. As a by the way, I have a pair of Apogee Duetta II's (bought new in 1987, rebuilt by Rich Murry of Minden, Nevada, in 2008),... 
Antennas for FM Tuners in Urban Setting
   I have four McIntosh tuners..they all perform great with a ST-1 
Heard Maggie 3.7i with..
 So in other words your experience with McIntosh is limited to the 70's and that is it, at least as I understand it. All the many Mac units I have bought since 1980 have performed beautifully, and no DOAs at all. I think in all these years that I ... 
Heard Maggie 3.7i with..
  Elizabeth, on what specific basis are you criticizing McIntosh? Is it because it has new owners? Is that the objective criteria for saying it not the company it once was? I've had Mc products for 39 years, including during several owner changes.... 
correct order of connecting a preamplifier, amplifier, and speakers
Thanks to all. i followed romance1's advice. All is well.) 
  I have all the Carpenters albums/CD;s and have been in love with her voice since I heard her on the radio singing, "Close to You." in 1970. BTW, did you all realize that this song was recorded by both Dionne Warwick and the actor Richard Chamber... 
Classe CA-2300 voltage change
Seems like such a simple solution, yogiboy. I use voltage converters when I travel in Europe.