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dose anybody know where to find a firmware upgrade for Velodyne DD-Subwoofer
Velodyne may be D.O.A.  I have a DD-12 Velodyne sub and it needs a new amplifier. I can't find Velodyne, either.  
Preamp tube
 I use NOS Telefunkuns from the 1960's.  They are expensive but were a clear improvement over my existing tubes.  
This one looks like my old love
  I have a pair of mint Apogee Duetta II speakers, bought new in 1987. The Analysis Audio Omega speakers look nice, but be wary that they are made in Greece. Sadly, high end companies tend to come and go. Apogee has been gone since 1996, but spare... 
The Beatles .....
best preamps
Sorry, but I don't think your question is a good one. There is no "best." If there was, all of us would own the same brand of preamp! 
McIntosh Tone Controls
  But is it worth the extra money to get an 8 way EQ? What is your EQ now?  
McIntosh Tone Controls
   I own two McIntosh preamps and have a 38 year history of owning McIntosh components. I agree with stereo5. They are analog. To confirm you might look in your owner's manual, or just simply call the factory and ask for someone in Technical Suppo... 
How much?
  I am retired. I listen from one to three hours a day. With Apogee Duetta II loudspeakers, it is easy to listen. 
The 70’s are back
 Ah, the JBL100's  I almost bought a pair many years ago. 
Velodyne Minivee Repair or replace
  I have a Velodyne DD-12 bought new in 2006 for $2,000. In 2010 after just four years of use, I had to replace the amplifier at a cost of over $600. I think Velodyne is on its way out as a company, particularly with replacement parts. My Velodyne... 
Need advise on Home Theater
  Find a good dealer there and let them help you. Make sure your center channel is voice matched to whatever towers you buy. In an ideal world, your surround speakers will also be voice matched. Any subwoofer brands available in Dubai? 
What were your humble beginnings on the path to high end audio?
1980--finally got some money and bought a McIntosh MA-6200 integrated amplifier, and a MR74 FM tuner. I later gave the amp to my mother but still have the  Modaferri modiifed MR74 tuner. Not many years later I bought a pair of Apogee Duetta II lou... 
Road trip to demo $10,000 speakers
  Look also for a Vanderstein dealer 
Vintage receivers???
 Consider also the Kenwood receivers from the 1970's. A friend of mine has a Kenwood receiver bought new in 1975. It has never needed service and still sounds great.  
Mcintosh MA5200 as a preamp
   Take  a look at the owner's manual. Maybe that will help