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SS preamp with tube amp
  I just use my ears as a guide. I use a McIntosh C2300 tube preamp with  a pair of Sanders Magtech monoblocks, and use Martin Logan Summit X loudspeakers? How does it all sound? Fabulous 
High quality interconnects - bargain price
   Gentlemen,      I have been in this hobby over 37 years. I use Mogami Gold interconnects. Honestly, cost is not important to me, and yet, this is the interconnect I use. I know the "sound" of interconnects is much debated, but to me it common s... 
Amplifier for the magnepan 3.7i
  I own two Sanders monoblock Magechs. They would have no problem at all driving Magnepans. Even just one stereo Magtech would be great for your speakers.