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Old or new gear
  I concur with Mattmiller's post. But then, I am biased as the owner of many McIntosh components.  
Tower Records
  Oh, I had many wonderful hours browsing and buying at Tower Records, West Covina, California.  
Is my Amp OK?
You say you "love the sound." Why, then upgrade from a Rotel RB-1590? Maybe a case of "upgradeitis?")) 
Full detailed sound at 30 - 40 - 50 dB
Get some good headphones.  
Bowers Wilkins/Classe - Anyone had service from them as horrible as me?
 What a nightmare story, hogarthd. I really hope you get your unit fixed.  This all goes to prove the points of the risks we take as consumers of high end products that the manufacturer will still be around when the need for a repair arises and al... 
CJ Solid State Amp with McIntosh Tube Preamp
  Offhand, I can't see any reason why the CJ Amp and the McIntosh C2500 should work well together. I use a McIntosh C2300 tube preamp with a restored McIntosh MC2205 solid state amp, 200 WPC, and they sound great with Martin Logan Summit X speaker... 
Shopping for Interconnects
 Will62, you may get as many suggestions as there are members of the site!) In  the end, trust your own judgment and ears.  
Ancient History
  Yes, quite  a video! I grew up in the 50's and 60's listening to my mother's "Magnificent Magnavox" console stereo. Nice cabinet with lousy electronics and poor sound.  How times have changed in our passionate hobby, and for the better! 
Amp upgrade / Did Classe go out of business
  And how is the McIntosh amp working out for you?? 
   I have my Summit X's about five feet from the back wall, flanking a fireplace and about seven feet or so apart. Every room is different; experimentation as to placement is critical.  
  You have some very fine McIntosh units. Your speakers are rated at 5 ohms, dipping to l.6 ohms at 20,000 hz. Your speakers are also recommended to have an amp that delivers from 20 watts to 400 watts. I also have a McIntosh front end and use the... 
Paradigm Reference, Signature 12 sub quit working
  Maybe it is the sub's amplifier that has decided to give up the ghost.  
Amp upgrade / Did Classe go out of business
  Before you upgrade to anything, what's wrong with your Parasound A52? 
Whats in your second system?
 Second system:  Apogee Duetta II loudspeakers  McIntosh C-32 preamp  Sanders Magtech monoblock amplifiers  McIntosh MR-85 tuner  Sony 9000 es compact disk player 
More Bad News AT Thiel
  It is very sad. But haven't seen this kind of story before in high end when a company is essentially built around one critical person? When that key person leaves whatever the reason, the company also sometimes fades from history?