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Anyone hear the Caravelle speaker and not like it?
Hello Tom,Its been a while since we last talked. I have often wondered what the mods were that you have done to your pair.I have been spending much time trying to learn how to fingerpick an acoustic guitar. As the economy has improved,,a bit down ... 
Anyone hear the Caravelle speaker and not like it?
Still love my Caravelles! 
MF-2500A match with Focal
I still kick myself for selling my CJ MF-2500A. 
Where would I ask this q?
In the classified section,music used to be free to list ,may still be. 
How many of your play instruments?
I have played guitar off and on since I was 15. I should be better,but enjoy playing .I have been learning how to fingerpick,Travis ,Doc Watson. I mainly play a sweet Larrivee L-03 .Larrivee ,uses very good wood for the price.I have had some nice ... 
What started you on the path to being audionut?
Back around 73-76 I was a teenager ,and had met older guys coming back from the service with some very nice systems . I was hooked on getting a better system ever since. 
Cable "burning": Real or VooDoo ???
Detlof,Question was simple enough.I do not have any interest in proving anything.I have heard drastic changes and wondered if anyone has tried to capture this on a recording. 
Buy Made in China at your own risk. 
Cable "burning": Real or VooDoo ???
Has anyone ever tried to record the "breaking in " ? I have had new cables change sound dramatically, after so many hours of playing music . I do not know why,,,but I have noticed it . More with some cables that others. It would seem that there wo... 
In Santana we trust
Ill have to give the music a listen,I have their first 6 LPs or so Caravanserai,Welcome and even Borboletta are still my favorites 
In Awe of "Yessongs" Forty Years Later
The music of my youth always holds a special place,,Remembering listening to them the first time,usually brings back fond memories for sure.Pretty hard to beat ,even if the recording is not the greatest . 
Hot Tuna
Yes,many good videos on Youtube 
Biggest Baddest Audio Cables
Isnt a lot of the girth plastic tubing in some of these cables? 
Panel Sound
Im surprised Analysis Audio speakers are not more popular.I heard a pair that sounded so much better than so many of the more popular high end speakers I've heard.They filled every inch and beyond a fairly good size room,gave the feeling there wer... 
What's a great SS amp to pair with the CJ CT-5?
RW,I am just wondering why you believe the Emotiva would be such a good match with this system.I have not heard it,but not sure it would take Jeffs system to the next level.Just my opinion of course. Jeff, Have you considered one of CJs SS power a...