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$10K budget. Help
vac is in sarasota.i live in bradenton,also sweet home audio in clearwater has some very nice stuff. 
6SN7 tube question
spend the money . 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
Im saving up for a Swart amp.Not that expensive compared to the Matchless I wanted ,but sounds very good. 
What's the solid state amp to buy $2500?
Go to 3,000 and you can get the a Conrad Johnson SS. 
Johnny Winter
RIP I should have seen him on one of the many times he came around my neck of the woods.Always have enjoyed his playing. 
Why Listen To FM Radio For Music Anymore At Home?
I have not turned to streaming yet.Still like my FM /AM radio.MD FT101A 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
Roy Clark is always a refreshing change of pace.Jawdroppinly good 
righteous reggae mon
Love Eek A Mouse 
Subwoofer recommendation for jazz and rock
Hello Adnan,What is the size of your room?How loud do you listen? You will get many good folks opinions .You may do well to also check the archives, as there is much info concerning subwoofers.The archives are a wealth of info ,previous discussion... 
Pono anyone?
Rlwainwright,Have you heard the Pono ,iBasso or Fiio units,or are you going by what you have read ? I have to agree about the shape! 
Recommend a good optical spdif/toslink converter?
But I could be wrong! Wish we had an edit ability! 
Recommend a good optical spdif/toslink converter?
I think he is looking for a SPDIF/TOSLINK converter only,,not a DAC.Do you have a budget in mind? 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
Bruce Cockburn is an underrated player,listen to Wondering Where the Lions Are. 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
Tostadosunidos,I feel the same as you do about Joe B. ,,,I just don't understand what everyone sees in him.I downloaded one of his albums for free online,and soon deleted every song. Each to his own I recon,,, There are so many great players ,that... 
Sound Lab vs Magnepan 20.7
Analysis Audio,Sound very good,surprised more are not on this site.