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Need "warm" interconnects advice
Zd542,There is an audiogon member that has a pair of speaker cables that cost around 64,000.00.I asked him about them once ,,he replied that for what they did for his system,they are worth the price. 
John Mayer - Opened My Ears
I listened to some of his stuff on youtube last night,,,,I just can't warm up to his voice.Not my cup o tea. He does seem to have a lot of fans. 
Ever notice most audio magazine cover are white?
Good answer Photon46 . As a printer,,I dont believe less ink coverage on the cover means less of a printing bill. White ink is used as well at times. Customers are usually charged by the number of colors on a page. I am looking at the cover of TAS... 
Apartment Drama
Good luck! Glad I do not live in an apt anymore. 
Remarkable New Vintage Audio Store in Austin, TX
Now that is cool!!! 
I'm beginning to wonder...
I think it bothers some people wayyyy more than most ! Everyone has pet peaves I recon .I think some of the human spellcheckers on this site should relax .Life is too short .This is supposed to be fun! English is my first language. 
My most memorable ROCK moment
Pops,I am a R T fan! The Fool and Me, one of my favorites as well! Yes ,incredible stuff indeed 
Need a warm amp for bright speakers
I had paradigm speakers(Studio 100 V-2) and after spending time and money . Came to realize that to get good 2 channel music SQ ,,I had to get different speakers. I liked the paradigms for HT ,but not for music.I bought a pair of good speakers and... 
Happy Christmas
Merry Christmas to one and all,from Bradenton ,Florida 
incredible inexpensive speaker
A MUD HEN,,,STOP YER CLUCKING,he did say what they are!!! You need to read ALL the responses,,, 
Why Don't More People Love Audio?
A guy at work that Makes very decent money,was saying how he could not wait until he got his tax refund . He was going to buy a killer HT system,,,,,,,So I start talking to him .I got around to asking how much he planned on spending,,,the answer,,... 
Your First Concert was.....
Dugo,I would have liked to see Bowie back then ! 5AM and im listening to Mick Ronson ,Im the One before I head off to work,,, 
Jolida 02 PAny Info On The Jolida 502 P Power Amp
I like my Jolida 102B and Phono pre amp ,Great support from owner Mike as well. 
SOTA diy speaker cables
Hello ,I have seen some formulas for DIY cables over the years. Have you checked the archives? 
What's your favorite Apple-based music program?
Thanks Albert,Im looking forward to doing plenty of listening to JRiver next 24 days,heard many good things concerning the Windows version.