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Pat Metheny Concert
Have seen him 3 times and each time they were stellar. I could not contain myself and yelled AWESOME at one point. Incredibile cresendos that build and build, ever changing, while others join in until it erupts in elation. Very tasteful and one of... 
Musical Fidelity A3cr Power Amp ?Break-in Period?
those amps need a lot of break in, wait 3 months and I think the sound will transform to being much smoother. I do not believe bass is the strong point on MF stuff in general. 
Ultralinear vs. Triode
I have Magnum 120's and went for months listening in ultralinear mode but did not like the thin mids/highs, even though it had a nice airy quality and the bass was good as well. I recently put them in triode mode and prefer it. The sound is a litt... 
Halcro VS Boulder amps, which one is better ?
I had a dealer tell me that the Boulder was much better, when listening on Avalon speakers. He had both in his shop and he spoke with a lot of knowledge but, HIS words not mine. He did not get specific but made it clear he prefered Boulder. 
I got unbelievable bass from a Fanfare tuner. Really nice bass, it stood out on my system. I still think I will buy a Yamaha T2 which sounded a little better in different ways (on someone else's system, hi Brian)But if you want bass try the Fanfare. 
Would I be a happy boy with an ARC CA-50?
what is the impedance of your speakers? 8 OHM or higher would be better than 4 OHM for a tube amp to drive. There is a formula for that way of rating speakers (2.83v @88db), you really need to know the speakers impedance to optimize your matching ... 
Rogue Owners Unite
I posted earlier if you want to see my system and stock tubes.I put Mullard cv4004's (12AX7's) in my Rogue 120 yesterday and so far they are a little blurry and washed out in comparison with the tubes that came with the amps from Rogue. They are a... 
Great sound at high volume
ATC !! 
Rogue Owners Unite
precbsedMine sounded much better (more like the same amp top to bottom [cohesive?]) after about 2-3 weeks of 6 hour days.I predict happiness in your future. 
I need a bright detailed 300 used speaker cable
I like the Nordost (Blue Heaven) as well. Often people do not mention the amazing bass these have. You want a very good source with these as they can sound a little thin in the high end otherwise, (as opposed to bright - to my ears). 
Rogue Owners Unite
precbsedI converted a stock 88 to a Magnum 88. It turned into a new amp. Besides being more extended and detailed (by quite a bit) It was also much more robust and dynamic. (Something I should make clear was my old 88 needed tubes before I upgrade... 
Rogue Owners Unite
This is a follow up to the last post. I forgot, I have a lot of tube rush in my phono section which make it almost unplayable. What is the best fix? Thanks again 
Rogue Owners Unite
I have the 99 Magnum and 120 Magnum. The 99 has Philips 5814A tubes (?) in the output amplification stage and 12AX7 Sovtek in the the critical part of the first gain stage (on the left looking from the front of the unit) and a 12AX7 GE in the othe... 
Maggie 1.6's and Power. How much is enough?
In a small room you will probably have enough power for most of the time. I think the bigger problem is the smaller room. These speakers sound their best when you get at least 10 feet away, 12-15 feet is better, and they like to be far away from t... 
Opinions needed; which is a better choice and why?
Todays integrateds are so good I think that is the way to go.Something like a Creek or a Rogue.Put your money into speakers that match your room and a good source.