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Looking for additional cable ideas...
I agree with your accessment of the Nordost as well (I have Blue Heaven) and I have been considering the Goertz MI2 for myself. Have you tried the LAT International cables? My friend and I have compared the LAT and Nordost cables on his system and... 
Need inexpensive amp help and questions on Hype
After a lot of trial and error with tubes amps I decided to go with solid state power amp with my maggies (1.6) and I agree that you need all the current and power you can get. I even tried a special Innersound amp that had 1000 watts into 4 OHMS ... 
Halo Tube Dampers, Work for you?
On the Rogue 99 pre amp you can put the Halos on the two left tubes (looking from the front) in the phono section and get 90% of the benefit. According to Mark Obrien these are the main tubes that have to do with sonics the other tubes are used fo... 
Pre-amp decision
I am a Rogue owner, I have the 99 pre (Magnum) and used to own the 120 Magnums. While I do like them very much I would say they are a little warm and tilted to having rich and a (little) thick bass. I do not want to sound negative because I do lik... 
from CAT5 to Kimber 4TC--where's the bass?
I agree the cables have to break in but, are you sure the Kimber is not showing the truth about how your speakers sound? Just a thought.I have 8TC and think it is a little lean as well. 
What companies have gone above and beyond?
Rogue & Innersound are both run by gentlemen. 
What's everybody listening to this evening?
Emerson Lake Palmer, Tarkus, LP 
What should I upgrade next?
If you buy Maggies (and want to listen at realistic volumes to anything large scale) be ready to buy an amp with a ton of current and power. I think 200-300 watts will get you dynamic range and a lively sound. I love my 1.6's but have learned this... 
replace Cardas 300B Micro with what?
Thanks Gunbei, the guy who sold me my Plinius SA100 MKIII amp told me he liked Harmonic Technology wire with it and I may try it. Good description on the sound of the Cardas, that sound is just what I was looking for. 
Is this thing for real?
STOOPID Thanks for the dumb info, it is indeed a wacky world. I do not blame you for not knowing if it is a hoax.file under: different strokesSTOP IT! 
Levinson 331 or Pass X150 or Plinius SA-100 ??????
I like my Plinius SA 100 MKIII very much but I find my Kimber 8TC 'dirtys' up the high end, it seems to lose some of the purity. It seems like the weak link to me (in your system) I am sure with any of those fine amps. 
What should I upgrade next?
I would replace the speakers. I have noticed a trend in the Audio magazines which have recommended systems, they often have $1000 - $2000 integrated amps driving speakers that cost $3000 - $5000. The speakers (and how they integrate into your room... 
Greatest American Rock and Role Bands of ALL Time
HENDRIXdid he qualify?or maybe, Allman BrothersLittle Feat 
From tubes to solid state
I just went from tubes (Rogue Magnum 120) to solid state (Plinius SA100 MKIII) driven by Rogue Magnum 99 pre and I can tell you the state is very solid indeed. The Plinius amp is very tuneful, nuanced, defined and neutral. The Rogue in comparison ... 
Innersound ESL amplifier - good choice?
I have finally decided on a Plinius SA100 MKIII amplifier and have listened for only 1 day. I can tell you the raves about this amp are justified in my opinion. Starting with the high end, it is very open and highly nuanced with no edge and (in my...