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Best DAC to also use as a preamp
Grannyring & Zd542,I suggest you contact Steve, I'm sure he'll cut you a great deal as soon as he gets done patting himself on the back.;-) 
Best DAC to also use as a preamp
"I happen to have a demo Overdrive SE I'm willing to sell."How convenient.;-)"I used remote control at Newport froman iPad. All player software has digital volume and you only need about 9dB with an Overdrive to adjust for all tracks."Maybe he doe... 
Best DAC to also use as a preamp
Audioengr,Larrybou said below $5K new or used. Plus,I'm sure he'd like to have a remote control. 
Romulus CD player--
Wstam,The Signatures should start shipping this month. 
PS Audio Direct Stream
Mattnshilp,From PF: "Positive Feedback Online Fair warning: This may end up being real competition to the Playback Designs MPD-3 and MPD-5 DSD DACs, my current reference standards. I'll give it a week or so to fully warm up...I'll work it out with... 
PS Audio Direct Stream
Wish Karl would have compared the DS to some DACs other than the PWD. 
PS Audio Direct Stream
"Remember, the DS design uses transformers in the low signal output pathway and they will take many hours to burn in somewhat like the Duelund caps."Wonder when the mod guys will start replacing the cheap Edcor trannies with Jensens or Lundahls. 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
Aesthetix Pandora Signature 
Romulus CD player--
Proprietary DSP:The DSP section utilizes the Motorola DSP 56362 for our specially designed oversampling filters, which adapt according to the incoming sample rate. Over 1.5 megabytes of static memory buffering is selectively used to completely iso... 
Romulus CD player--
Grannyring, the Signature upgrade also includes HRS Nimbus Couplers. Did you install these? 
Audio Research REF 75 vs VAC Phi 200
I have a REF 75 and there's nothing in the manual warning about using the amp with non-ARC preamps.I don't drive it with a ARC preamp.The REF 75 only has balanced inputs, so you do need a preamp with real balanced outputs. 
Worlds best DAC
Berkeley Audio Design just announced their new Alpha DAC Reference. $14K.Berkeley Audio Design is extremely pleased to announce the availability of the new Alpha DAC Reference Series.The Alpha DAC Reference Series embodies everything we know about... 
JBL M2 speaker system ....
Joeinid,The $46,000 consumer package was shown at the CEDIA Expo combines a pair of M2s with four Mark Levinson No 531H 300-watt monoblock amps and an SDEC 3000 digital EQ/crossover. The SDEC 3000 also allows an installer to do room correction on ... 
New Lampizator Level 4/ Version 4 DAC in the house
What DAC chip does Lampizator use in the L4 & L5? 
DAC Recommendation around 2.5K
If you can up your budget, there's a great deal on a Aesthetix Panadora DAC on Agon.