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Best speaker in the US $ 30-45.000,00 range
It seems some people think the Wilson Sasha is the best speaker:2010 Speaker of the year" and "Product of the year" award -Stereophile.2010 "Cost-no-object Floorstanding Loudspeaker of the Year" by The Absolute Sound 
Recommend stands for Volent VL-2s?
According to Volent the stands should be 20" high.I had custom made stands built for my VL-2 out of solid Bubinga. See my system folder for pictures.I sold the VL-2. No longer need the stands and would like to find a home for them. 
Speakers after GMA Europas
I agree with Joc3021. Pick up a used pair of GMA EOS. 
Does the wilson sophia 1 sound good only with perf
Pkoh70-Did you compare the Sophia 2s to the Thiel 3.7, KEF 205/2, B&W 802D, and Revel Studio's in the same room and the same electronics? 
Perfect Wave DAC and Bridge
I don't use a PC or Mac with my PWD/Bridge, just a WD HD, Netgear WNDR3700 and the control app on my iPad. Works and sounds great. SQ is equal to or better than any PC/Mac set up that I've heard. 
Playback Designs vs. Berkeley
"We were using the Sonic 305 which is a Sonic branded ULN-8 with a Lynx AES16 card.The DAC's were connected through a Crane Song Avocet (modified by Dave Hill) and Pass Labs XA-100.5 monoblocs."Crna39-Appreciate the additional info. Computer Audio... 
Playback Designs vs. Berkeley
Crna39-"The system was a Mac Pro using FW to the MH unit. The sofware was Sonic SoundBlade. We also used the MH with AES/EBU so we could quick A/B with the other converters."What MH unit did you use and what soundcard was in the Mac Pro to output ... 
Playback Designs vs. Berkeley
Crna39-If you've compared the MH UNL-8/LIO-8 to the PD MPD-5, whatwas system?Most audiophiles that are using the MH UNL-8/LIO-8 as a DAC/preamp are feeding it via firewire from a Mac using Amarra playback software. 
Playback Designs vs. Berkeley
Mr.Tinn“The Metric is a good pro-audio dac. It certainly does not compare to our products, nor is it meant to. You should really find a way to listen to it.”The Metric Halo ULN-8/LIO-8 are great DACs and can compare to best audiophile units. I’m i... 
Playback Designs vs. Berkeley
Mr.Tinn-Sorry I missed that he was asking about the $11K Playback Designs MPD-5 DAC, which still cost more than twice as much as a Metric Halo ULN-8/LIO-8.The MPD-5 has no analog inputs and it's USB can only handle sample rates up to 48kHz. It's o... 
Playback Designs vs. Berkeley
The PD MPS-5 was reviewed/tested in the 2/10 issue of Stereophile. Some folks over on the Computer Audiophile forum think the Metric Halo ULN-8/LIO-8 also sound much better the Berkeley Alpha DAC. Unless you have a large DSD collection, I'd check ... 
Jim Salk's Speakers?
There are lots of great speaker available in the same price ranges as the Salks.For example does the new Salk SoundScape 12 outperform the Thiel CS3.7s, Wilson Sophia 3, Quad 2805/2905s,KEF Reference 205/2 or MG 20.1s? 
Mac Mini Power Supply
"The problem is that the new mini doesn't necessarily sound better than the 09 mini with or without upgrades. It might, it might not." Based on all the reports I've read it does. I place just as much faith in these reports as you and others claimi... 
Mac Mini Power Supply
Mintzar-I'm not trying to pick a fight.I just asked, why spend $400.on a linear PSU, when you can have better sound,lower power consumption and less boxes and cables by upgrading to a new Mini.Isn't that a positively fair question? 
Mac Mini Power Supply
Glory-Mintzar can't think of any reason that putting the supply internally in the Mini would make it better because he's trying to sell external linears.;-)